9 Specialty Shop Products with Flavor

Taste what your local specialty shop has in store for you! These nine out-of-the-ordinary products will add pizzazz to the dining table. Big-box stores all seem alike so get a real find at your independent health food store.

  1. Beet & Cashew Butter
  2. Colorado Hemp Honey
  3. Vesper Bros. Fig & Vanilla Shrub
  4. Perfect Pickler Fermenting Kit
  5. Garden Goddess Banana Peppers
  6. Fire Cider Tonic
  7. Louisville Vegan Jerky
  8. Black Crack
  9. Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer

shop local specialty shop for tasty products

Eat Beets – Beet & Cashew Butter

What do you get when you combine cashew butter with beet powder? If you said heaven, you were right! Subdued, but surprisingly sweet taste. Handmade in small batches using only 2 absolutely organic ingredients. Spread on a bagel, dress your noodles, or make a smoothie. From the makers of our Better Almond Butter.


Ginger Soothe™ Colorado Hemp Honey

Bring Colorado to you with raw Colorado honey and hemp extract. Only the purest of their local honey, using strictly organic nurturing practices is chosen. Combine that with quality full spectrum hemp extract. Add in organic ginger essential oil. and what do you have: Hemp Honey! Feed your endocannabinoid system and feel good while you munch. Get it in store nearby right near our CBD oil case.


Vesper Bros. Fig & Vanilla Shrub

Barrel-Aged balsamic vinegar nudges this unique mixer into flavors you only dreamed of. Crafted by the Vesper twins who are local to this area. Compare this with all your other shrubs! No added sugar, contains the “mother”, aids digestion, and all natural – Fig & Vanilla Shrub.


Perfect Pickler® – 4 Days to Fermented Veggies You Made Yourself

Create your own affordable raw, fermented veggies on your kitchen counter. Perfect Pickler makes a great gift. Fermentation causes a nutritional explosion right in your own home yielding more probiotics and enzymes. You’ll love the eye-popping flavor of your vegetables.

Can’t wait 4 days? Then you need this:


Garden Goodness Hot Pepper Rings

Local home canning experts, Garden Goodness from Christiana, PA, put the garden right in the jar. Also, try other varieties of their local canned vegetables you wished you had prepared yourself. Find them in the local specialty shop near you. Ahem, buy them at Martindale’s, a small, independent health food store.


Fire Cider

Increase the heat properly with organic Fire Cider in Original or Unsweetened. Get ready to exhale smoke and fury! Apple cider vinegar tonics ignite your senses with tangy and sweet spice. (Somebody pass a tissue as my eyes are watering.) Made with raw, living vinegar, oranges, lemons, horseradish, turmeric, and habanero.


Louisville Vegan Jerky

Imagine it’s the 1880’s and you’re in Louisville with the Louisville Slugger. Now imagine eating genuine Louisville Vegan Jerky in Pete’s Smoked Black Pepper flavor right here at the country’s 1st health food store founded 1869. (Forget the Eagles; follow baseball instead.) It’s totally fake jerky and proud of it. The flavor notes hit it right out of the park.


Black Crack®

Not only for gourmet tastes, organic, black garlic tastes great and is good for you. Sprinkle the highly acclaimed Opis One Black Crack seasoning where you’d put salt and pepper. Great for low-sodium diets. Store in the fridge after you open.

Also, try Black Garlic Sea Salt in the tin. Where can you get these? You know where!


Butterscotch Beer

Flying Cauldron Butterscotch Beer has a unique vanilla and butterscotch flavor. The history of brewing non-alcoholic, butterscotch cream soda harkens to England of the middle ages. Some wizards claim this brew offers magical protections and accelerated wizardly skills. You be the judge of that and this 100% natural beverage. Preservative-free, gluten-free and caffeine-free.


There you go! You now have nine surprising incentives to shop local at your independent health food store. Go to specialty shop stores near you because they’re more interesting. And because things taste good. Smaller is better. Above all, shop these flavorful products at Martindale’s Natural Market!