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You walk, do yoga, or work out. Curcumin helps support inflammation concerns when you put your body through rigorous exercise. The best-absorbed curcumin supplement will do the job you expect.


Curcumin is the health-giving, active compound found in turmeric roots that support healthier inflammation in the body. Up until now, it has been difficult to absorb, making it hard for the body to use. Benefits were weak. Now, at last, due to new processing, it’s 185X more bioavailable.


You’re familiar with the wellness benefits that curcumin offers. Common everyday turmeric root (Curcuma longa) has brain, joint, and new curcumin supplementimmune health benefits locked inside the fat soluble phytonutrient “curcumin”. Various inflammation pathways become transport super-highways using this new technology to make curcumin much, much better. Support healthy inflammation processes in your body with the best curcumin possible.


New Full Spectrum Curcumin from Solgar has found a way to transform a poorly absorbed, water-phobic nutrient into a body-ready, fast absorbing, super active nutrient! It is literally 185 times more bioavailable. Full Spectrum Curcumin is a brand new herbal remedy to help make your joints feel better, and contribute herbal wellness to your brain and immune system.


curcumin micelle

They start with standardized curcumin extract. Then “micelles” surround and encapsulate the curcumin extract with “water-loving” spheres. Teeny tiny nano micelles, microscopically small, allow your bloodstream to take in and make the best use of the curcumin. Amazingly small, invisible micelles transform dense, opaque powder into a crystal clear, body-ready liquid. Bioavailability is improved the more clear the liquid is. These soft gels are filled with clear liquid, not powder. Chemical free.


Why is this important? More bioavailability = greater absorption. More curcumin absorbed for joint health. More curcumin benefits for your brain and immune system. Or would you rather take 75 capsules (100 mg each) of standardized curcumin extract? That’s how many it would take to offer similar benefits to just one 40 mg Full Spectrum Curcumin liquid softgel. Choose one!


Yet transforming curcumin from fat soluble to water soluble isn’t enough. Full Spectrum Curcumin also has sustained benefits for you for a full 24 hours. Your body will retain it and make the best use of it all day and all night with just one. Easy peasy. And it’s stable in a wide pH range. The new processing moves us beyond piperine and liposomal turmeric absorption enhancers.


More. Better. Faster. Curcumin the way you like it. Protect your cells, support your brain, and experience curcumin relief for your joints.


Non-GMO, and free of gluten, wheat, and dairy. You won’t find any artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, or colors. This is a natural herbal product.


This Curcumin is a multiple award winner around the world. It won Best of Supplements for New Products with Better Nutrition Magazine in 2015.



NovaSOL® is a registered trademark of AQUANOVA AG., U.S. patent #7,094,804


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185x Better Availability - Curcumin
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