3 Ways to Support One Healthy Gut

Preventative care is in — especially these days! In order for your body to stand against whatever life throws your way, your immune system has to be ready. Did you know that 70-80% of your immune system lives in your gut? This makes gut health essential for balance and protection. The good news is that optimal gut health is within reach. Time for digestive health supplements such as a spore probiotics formula, a prebiotic, and a unique mucosal gut-lining formula.

spore based digestive health probiotic and prebiotic

Digestive Health 1 – 2 – 3: Probiotic, Prebiotic, More

There are three ways to support your gut health:

  1. Create a healthy and balanced gut bacteria population
  2. Utilize a prebiotic fiber to continually nurture your optimal gut wellbeing
  3. Encourage a strong and cohesive gut barrier lining

Science has shown that when you have more bad bacteria (pathogens) and less beneficial bacteria (probiotics) in your gut, you may encounter any number of health challenges. Clearly, that’s why it’s crucial to support your probiotic populations. Beneficial gut bacteria will help break down food. Additionally, they teach your immune system to recognize threats and even create compounds that fight off illness.


Spore-Based Probiotic

Just Thrive Probiotic & Antioxidant is unique in the gut-health space because it’s “spore-based.” This means that its strains contain a natural, endospore shell (armor-like coating) that offers complete protection as it travels from your mouth to your gut. This is critical because if a probiotic can’t survive the harsh environment of your stomach acid, it can’t deliver benefits. In fact, it has 1000x better survivability vs leading probiotics.

Significantly, it is proven to arrive in your gut 100% alive where it gets right to work. In the most bioavailable space in the body, it drives nutrient absorption, fosters digestive and immune health, and produces vital antioxidants. What’s more, benefits include driving energy, improving sleep, promoting healthy skin, and supporting healthy weight management.

The friendly bacteria retain potency without refrigeration and are virulent to withstand the high temperatures of baking. This opens the door for a variety of ways to ingest your healthy probiotic. For example, pop this spore probiotic into recipes up to 450 degrees.

Prebiotic – Feeding Good Bacteria, Not Bad

Another factor essential to gut health is nurturing the strength of your good gut bugs. Similar to a fertilizer that helps your garden grow, prebiotics are fibers that help bacteria thrive.

Unfortunately, most prebiotics feed both the good and the bad gut bacteria. That’s why Just Thrive Precision PREbiotic was developed: It’s intelligently formulated with fibers that steer clear of the pathogens and target ONLY the growth of the beneficial bacteria, supporting optimal digestive and immune health.

Tropical flavor powdered prebiotics or prebiotic capsules? Both are available in-store for your convenience.


Gut Lining Mucosal Barrier

The third approach to gut health is supporting the protective mucosal barrier of your gut lining.  Until now, not many people think of mucus as being protective. However, studies indicate that the health of your intestinal mucosa can actually determine how well your body interacts with antigens, toxins or other foreign substances.

The combination of amino acids and proprietary flavonoids found in Just Thrive Gut-4-tify drive the optimal strength of your gut barrier, neutralize free radicals, and contribute to a robust microbial diversity.


So, if you are looking to get your gut in order, it’s as easy as one, two, three! A balanced and beneficial colony of gut bacteria, a targeted prebiotic fiber that fosters the growth of the beneficial bacteria, and a strong and cohesive mucosal gut lining.


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