Address Your Mane Problem – Head On!

“De-Winterize” Your Hair

No doubt, winter takes its toll on your hair. The “3-month war” you just waged against frigid temperatures outside and over-heated rooms inside can leave your hair dry, dull, and brittle. Address your mane problem head on to “de-winterize” your hair and enjoy beautiful, voluminous, strong locks 365 days a year! It’s time to eliminate the “root cause” of your hair problems. Indeed, keratin production, blood flow, and collagen are all going to need support. Thankfully, there is a natural hair supplement that helps your body’s own collagen formation.

Here’s a fact. Weather conditions do not create problems for your hair, they exaggerate existing problems. In other words, temperature and humidity expose the vulnerability already present. That’s why we have to look at the root causes. Take it from science, meaningful change can only happen by addressing underlying conditions.


Putting the Science of Luxurious, Healthy-Looking Hair to Work for You

Having thick, strong, shiny hair, depends on three essential elements: keratin production, blood flow, and collagen. The good news is that there is a clinically proven compound – known as the “ch-OSA® complex” – that appears to do all three. Christie Brinkley takes ch-OSA Biosil supplement every day. We are all amazed, with her, at the results in her hair. It also helps her see results with her skin and nails, too. Here’s how it works…

Christie Brinkley collagen for hair skin nails

1) Increase the Quantity and Strength of Your Hair’s Keratin Content

Keratin is the protein that comprises 97% of hair. Sadly, after age 21, production slows. With less keratin per hair shaft, hair becomes thinner, weaker, and duller. It also becomes somewhat defenseless to weather conditions. Now, new clinical evidence shows that the ch-OSA® complex increases the activity and efficiency of your keratin-producing cells. In fact, clinical trials showed a full 12.1% increase in hair strength and 12.8% increase in hair volume when the ch-OSA group was compared to the placebo group. Don’t be a placebo woman!


2) Increase Collagen to Increase Your “Dermal Papilla”Results of Biosil on dermal papilla

The “birth place” of each hair on your head is the dermal papilla, found just beneath your scalp. The bigger the dermal papilla, the thicker and stronger your hair is. Through aging, the dermal papilla gets smaller but by stimulating collagen production in the dermal papilla, ch-OSA complex helps restore the size to more youthful levels (see illustration).


3) Increase Nutrient-Rich Blood Flow to Your Scalp

The truth is, it doesn’t matter how healthy you eat if only part of the nutrients make their way to your hair. Here’s where collagen comes in again. Increasing collagen production in the skin and blood vessels improves microcirculation. The result, of course, is better blood flow and better nutrient delivery. The simple truth is, better circulation results in healthier, faster growing hair. And ch-OSA complex increases collagen formation.

BioSil increases blood flow to your scalp, ensuring the delivery of an abundant supply of growth-rich nutrients to your hair. Research points to the fact that the increased blood flow stimulates the production of keratin, the protein that makes up 97% of your hair.

ch-OSA to Look Better, Feel Better

You can only find clinically proven ch-OSA in BioSil products from Natural Factors. So now that the days are getting longer and warmer, spring into action and put the hair-improving power of ch-OSA complex to work for you. Available at great prices at Martindale’s. Choose 30, 60, or 120 capsules or even liquid drops.

Ch-OSA is a brand name of Bio Minerals, NV

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