Are You Starving? Metabolism and Blood Sugar Balance

“I want to make better, cleaner food choices but I just get so hungry.” “I wish I could get back to my healthy body weight, but when I try to stick to a diet, I am starving!”. “I have managed to stay the same weight, but man—if I could eat more, I definitely would!” Does this sound like you? So many of us overlook the critical role of blood sugar balance when it comes to getting to (or maintaining) a healthy body weight. If you don’t address this key aspect of how your body uses food for fuel, you will be fighting an uphill battle with your blood sugar levels. Weight control must make blood sugar part of the plan.

First, a quick refresher since most of us haven’t taken a biology class since high school. When we eat food, our body converts a large percentage of that food into glucose, which is the primary energy source for all of our cells. Every cell in the body requires glucose (a.k.a. blood sugar) to operate: brain cells, heart cells, lung cells, more.

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Are You Starving?

In order for the glucose to enter our cells to be burned as fuel, our cells require one key certain biological conditions. Our pancreas acts like a key to unlock our cells. This allows glucose inside to be used. Without enough pancreatic action, not all of that glucose gets into the cells. Unfortunately, it can hang out in the bloodstream, giving us elevated blood sugar levels. This creates damage throughout our bodies, and it has another effect that ties in with today’s topic: the hangries!

When glucose can’t get into the cells fast enough, our cells signal to our brain that we are STARVING. This happens either because we’ve eaten foods too high in sugar right now, or often over time. Surprisingly, this occurs despite the fact that there is plenty of fuel all around in our bloodstream. We feel actual physical hunger, even though we’ve eaten all the fuel we require. Are you starving? Guess what the foods are that our bodies will be crying out for? Instant sugar-rush foods like desserts, candy, and high-carb treats – exactly the things that will set up more cravings and add more weight to our frames. It is a vicious cycle! Is their hope for your weight control?


Blood Sugar Levels – Nutrients and Botanicals Can Help

What can we do about it? Certain nutrients and botanical ingredients can help. We talked about your pancreas being like a key in the lock of the door of the cell. Sometimes the lock on the cell door needs to be cleaned out. This is just like a grimy garage door lock that gets gunked up with oil and dust. A trace mineral named chromium polynicotinate, as well as Ceylon cinnamon, both help clean out that lock on the cell door.

We have all probably experienced the difference in our blood sugar levels when we’ve eaten an orange, versus drinking a glass of orange juice. Separated from the large amount of fiber in an orange, the same amount of sugars in pure juice will hit the bloodstream much faster. This causes a spike in energy and blood sugar that then comes crashing down later. I can hear you saying “I am starving” from here! For this same reason, an herb called fenugreek can help buffer how the sugars from the food we eat impact our blood sugar and keep it more balanced.

If you’re someone who likes science to validate the health choices you make, you’ll be glad to know that these ingredients, plus more, have been studied. At the University of St. George’s medical school, a double-blind, clinically controlled, placebo-controlled human clinical study made things clear. The results were very positive: the participants who received the weight control supplement had greater stability of their blood sugar. Additionally, they experienced no increase in their hemoglobin A1C, a key measure of blood sugar control. The placebo group actually saw a rise in their A1C score (not good!), despite receiving ongoing diet and exercise coaching.

The formulation studied for blood sugar support is called Glucose Stabili-T by LifeSeasons. It is a 3-per-day formula, ideally, 1 capsule per meal. People who used to say, “I am starving”, now use their blood sugar fuel far more effectively. Many people notice a reduction in cravings for sweet or carb-heavy foods. Wouldn’t you like to be one of them?


Fuel Burning Body Weight Support

If you’d like to go one step further and work with your blood sugar as well as your body’s fuel-burning function, you can add on Metabolism by LifeSeasons. Your body weight is hungry for this, and that’s a good thing. This clever formulation not only includes ingredients to support that critical blood sugar stabilization but also adds in uplifting botanical ingredients. This is in case low mood or low energy is your downfall when it comes to grabbing junk food. Logically, green tea, shown in studies to rev up your body’s burning engine, is included. Quality weight management supplements are at your fingertips.

Additionally, added to the green tea, this quality weight loss support contains chromium (assists body process carbs & fat), green coffee bean (source of chlorogenic acid and caffeine), cocoa bean extract (promotes fat burning, energy, mood), and theobromine (supports weight loss and helps curb appetite).

Finally, keep in mind to combine healthful weight control supplements like these with a complete program that includes good hydration, food choices, and exercise.

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