Authentic Food Probiotics in a Capsule

One probiotic capsule daily is all it takes to get genuine Eastern European and Bulgarian cultures. Choose the refrigerated or non-refrigerated versions to support regularity and colon health, immune system health, women’s health and men’s health. High potency whole food probiotics come in multiple strains and arrive alive.

one per day probiotic capsules

Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, and More Friendly пробиотик Strains

Practical folks around the world ferment fresh dairy into yogurt and kefir. None have quite the reputation as the old-style Bulgarian dairy cultures analyzed by Nobel Prize-winning Russian scientist Elie Metchnikoff. His early research in the discovery of microbes and gut bacteria birthed Bulgarian national pride for their world-recognized wholesome yogurt. In fact, Mr. Metchnikoff observed that of the 36 countries he studied, more Bulgarians were living to the ripe old age of 100 than any others. He attributed this to the healthful diet containing probiotics.

Raw Probiotics, by Garden of Life, captures profound health value from dairy cultures originating from Bulgarian yogurt concentrate and Eastern European wild cultures. To be precise, life-giving kefir, yogurt and scobies form the basis for the supplements. Did you know that the strain Lactobacillus Bulgaricus was named with Bulgarian пробиотик cultures in mind?

Given that these are genuine whole food probiotic formulas teaming with friendly flora, it is not surprising to see 32, 33 or 34 probiotic strains featured in each product. Attribute this to the real cultured food that inspires this formula. The exact probiotic profile varies from product to product, yet all are high potency, food-based, and focus on the strains required for the specific purpose.


Probiotic for Regularity, Colon Health, Immunity, Women, Men

You can find just the right formula to support digestive and colon health, immune system health, and more. Select one of several women’s probiotics supporting vaginal, yeast and urinary health, 50 billion CFU, or choose a broad probiotic blend for women or women 55+ in 85 billion CFU (3 caps per day). Select from men’s probiotics (3 caps per day), or the high-bifido varieties promoting regularity and colon health. Choose powerhouse 100 billion CFU Ultimate Care to replenish and restore good bacteria that was lost. Who wants to be constipated? Encourage healthy, regular intestinal function.

The supplements are vegetarian, verified nonGMO and gluten-free. Each and every strain deserves its own story of clinical studies revealing the target job in health and wellness. Naturally, the body digests and utilizes them easily with digesting enzymes and the Eastern European raw fruit and veggies base included to ensure this. To put it another way, this looks like peppers, peas, carrots, plums, cherries… you know, real food.


Refrigerated Probiotics or Shelf Stable?

Raw Probiotics arrive alive in-store and go right into the refrigerator OR onto the shelf. The package labels determine each formula’s destination. Cooler probiotics are designed to be there. The shelf-stable probiotics are supposed to be there, too. Worry not, the Bulgarian-style probiotics can withstand their own environments regarding temperature and humidity in special packaging designed correctly. Potency will not be reduced if you buy the one that says “No refrigeration required”. Potency is assured in either type with the right probiotics for you each day.


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