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What do you do if you decide you are ready to start eating right? Perhaps you saw something on youtube or read the latest article on health and nutrition. Or perhaps you had a medical interruption in your life. Where do you shop for whole, natural, and organic foods with the highest standards? Is there a natural supermarket or health food store in the Springfield area that takes all that ingredient reading out of the picture so you can relax and enjoy your shopping? Relax! You can find the best natural and organic grocery items right on the shelf here.

After all, this is your health we are talking about and the health of your children and family. Martindale’s Natural Market is the premier natural and organic food market in the local area. Martindale’s has been a Philly institution since its founding in 1869. Honest!

The grocery department offers natural and organic shelf-stable foods of all kinds throughout the aisles. From breakfast to snacks to dinner, you’ll find wholesome and healthy dry goods ready to serve to your family. This includes boxes, bags, and cans that do not get refrigeration.


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No Artificial Ingredients

One measure of a high-quality, natural, health food store is what you won’t find in it. We provide food selections that we would be proud to bring home… because we do bring it home to our own dinner tables! Specifically, no artificial colors, artificial preservatives, nitrates, hormones, or trans fats should be found in our selections. We prioritize non-GMO and non-irradiated food options. Wholesome pure natural food is our goal. We cull only the best natural foods available for our shelves.

Good Wholesome Food

Another way to judge the best organic grocery store is by what you will find there. We offer a variety of delicious, and flavorful foods for a variety of tastes. Natural is what we do best; organic and non-genetically modified are offered whenever possible. We love to offer products produced with regenerative agriculture and planet-friendly processes. We cull through the abundance and find only the very best natural foods.

Natural and Organic

At Martindale’s, you can find food that is close to how nature intended it. Happily, many of our selections are organically grown without chemical fertilizers or artificial preservatives or colors and have the certifying seal to prove it. You will find whole-grain foods complete with naturally occurring nutrition and fiber. Why eat food that’s been stripped of its goodness? Look for the word organic in our grocery department. From cereal to chips to condiments to soup to beverages — look no further for the healthiest shopping experience.


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