Better Lipids – Vitamin B5

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Pantethine – vitamin B5


High levels of LDL cholesterol raise chances for heart problems, according to doctors. In this study, 32 people eligible for statin therapy to treat high LDL cholesterol levels took pantethine or a placebo. The dose was 600 mg of pantethine per day for the first eight weeks followed by 900 mg per day through 16 weeks.


Compared to placebo, those taking pantethine saw LDL cholesterol levels decline by 11 percent, and total cholesterol decline by 6 percent, with benefits evident at both eight and 16 weeks.


Discussing their findings, doctors suggested pantethine may provide these health benefits by reducing enzymes that metabolize cholesterol, may improve blood flow and digestion, or may promote survival and growth of beneficial probiotic strains in the gut. Pantethine reduces several factors in those with low to moderate chances of heart disease, and may be a useful complementary therapy for those eligible for statin therapy, doctors concluded.


Reference: Menopause Journal; March, 2014, Published Online