Build Strong Bones with Plant Calcium

An abundant supply of calcium in the body is crucial for strong, healthy bones. But the importance of this nutrient goes even further. Calcium is critical to everything from strong bones and normal muscle function to blood clotting, cellular health, hormone release, and even keeping a normal heartbeat. Most people associate getting adequate calcium supplies from drinking or eating milk-based products. While that is one way to get some calcium, it may not be enough, and dairy is not suitable for everyone. For those with lactose intolerance (almost 65% of the world’s adult population) or those living a plant-based lifestyle, plant calcium may be helpful. With New Chapter’s award-winning Bone Strength Take Care supplement, you can build strong bones with organic plant-based calcium from red marine algae! Calcium D3 K2 never looked so good.


plant-based calcium source from sustainably harvested red marine algae


Why Is Calcium So Important?

The short answer: it is crucial to supporting so many vital functions within our bodies. However, our bodies cannot make it. The body only gets the calcium it needs through the foods we eat, or from supplements. If we do not get enough in our diet, or if it is poorly absorbed, then our body will take what it needs from our bones and teeth instead. This can negatively affect our long-term bone strength in a big way. You also experience bone loss just due to age. In fact, both men and women begin to lose bone density every year starting around age 30. This can lead to a condition called osteoporosis, characterized by weak, brittle bones that are prone to fracture.

If the body lacks this crucial nutrient for a steady amount of time, bones can become weak and may even grow improperly. Thus, replacing lost calcium on a daily basis is essential to maintaining healthy bones.


Sustainably Harvested Plant Calcium

Get your calcium from living plants, not rocks. The plant calcium in the Bone Strength formula comes from Red Marine Algae (also known as Lithothamnion) from along the pristine Icelandic coastline. Many other supplements are not from plants but instead from limestone rock, a chalky substance that lacks many other bone-supportive nutrients.

The Red Marine Algae grows wild along the coast where it has time to mature naturally, then is sustainably harvested. The young, living plants are left untouched, preserving the vital coastal ecosystem. Lastly, the algae used is certified organic and Non-GMO Project Verified.


The Magic Inside

What makes these easy-to-swallow slim tablets so great? Lithothamnion algae is one of the most researched plant calcium sources and is quite an efficient source. It contains 12% more calcium per gram than any other algae. This highly researched clinical strength plant calcium may significantly reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

Besides whole-food calcium, the algae also provide magnesium and multiple other trace minerals, like boron and iron, which support bone health. Additionally, a proprietary blend of vitamins K2 and D3 help your body absorb calcium properly and effectively. Think of Calcium as the bricks, and Vitamins K2 and D3 as the mortar. It’s ideal to have them together.

Bone Strength

The most important thing about getting adequate calcium is making sure we properly absorb what we take in. The inclusion of vitamin D3 assists with effective calcium absorption, in turn, supporting bone density and normal bone creation. 

Heart Support – Calcium D3 K2

Including vitamin K2 helps direct the calcium to the bones to help maintain artery health. When calcium does not go to the bones it may find its way to the arteries. Fermented D3 supports cardiovascular health as well as helping calcium absorb into the bones where it is needed. 


The Bottom Line for Bones

This unique plant-sourced calcium, with magnesium, and multiple trace minerals has been shown to support movement, joint flexibility, and joint function. Maintaining aspects of bone and joint health daily can pay off, and supporting mobility means a shot at a better quality of life. The very basis of mobility is joint flexibility—a healthy range of motion in the places where muscle, connective tissue, and bones meet. From the hard-working knee to the intricately articulated finger, joints are complex intersections of structure and function that can be affected by age and by daily use. Take care of them with Bone Strength Take Care – a quality calcium D3 K2 supplement.


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