Building Better Blood with Chlorophyll

Green chlorophyll is found in green plant life all around you. To be sure, you get it when you eat green vegetables like kale and spinach. Taking chlorophyll supplements in liquid or softgel form makes getting enough chlorophyll easy and convenient. Think how easy it can be to build blood.

Are you traveling to high altitudes and want to acclimate faster? Are you tired? Do you have a heavy menstrual flow? Are you anemic? To build red blood cells, chlorophyll is your friend.

ChlorOxygen chlorophyll liquid dropsOxygen

All of these concerns can be addressed with one thing: oxygen. Herbs Etc Chloroxygen® Chlorophyll Concentrate is made from sodium copper chlorophyllin obtained from European Fescue Leaf blade into a liquid extract or softgel supplement. Its primary purpose is to bind oxygen to your bloodstream. You will experience this as an energy boost. Stronger blood means more energy, and we can thank all that oxygen.


Blood Builder

How does this happen? The molecules of chlorophyll and hemoglobin are almost identical. The only difference between the two is that chlorophyll contains a magnesium core while hemoglobin contains an iron core. Hemoglobin is the working part of a red blood cell that transports oxygen to the body’s tissues. Being so similar, your body can easily convert chlorophyll into rich hemoglobin with just a simple trade-out of magnesium for iron. This is much, much easier than building hemoglobin from scratch!

To enhance this process eat iron-rich foods or take an iron supplement along with your daily use of the supplement, and watch your hemoglobin levels show off. As you keep taking chlorophyll over time, your body produces more and more red blood cells because you have greater oxygen binding capacity. The brilliant green of chlorophyll yields to the bright red of strong blood.

Anyone needing to build stronger blood or enhance their hemoglobin should consider this chlorophyll supplement. Both men and women experience the benefits because we all need stronger blood.

Tired women with a heavy menstrual flow will especially love it. The natural substance increases hematocrit levels and boosts energy. And it does this as it builds and increases red blood cells!


Energize with Chlorophyll

More oxygen means more energy. Oxygen is essential for the proper production of energy. Taking chlorophyll is recommended if you’re tired, fatigued, or anemic and need a blood oxygen booster that will increase energy. Enhance ATP naturally.


Clean Up Body Odor

Chlorophyll acts as an intestinal deodorizer. Stop being embarrassed by intestinal gas. Colostomy patients love it, too. Protect the liver and clean up the blood; toxic body odors fade. Underarm odors fade, and the whole body gets sweeter. Freshens the breath as you drink it, too. Just add a few drops to your summer sparkling water and experience the freshness. Goodbye body odors from the inside out.


Shortness of Breath

Your active lifestyle cannot be sustained if you run out of oxygen-producing energy. If you find yourself occasionally short of breath while running, hiking, swimming, skydiving, or mountaineering, you might benefit from the life-giving benefits of more oxygen found in the green supplement.

High altitude acclimation can occur faster with chlorophyll. No surprise – the improved red blood cells are to be thanked. This means plane trips and mountain trails can be far more effortless. Maximize your lung function.



Chlorophyll Supplements

Chloroxygen is a safe, healthy solution for energy and strong blood needs. No refrigeration is required for these natural products. They’re gluten-free, preservative-free, and alcohol-free. No interactions or contraindications. May stain stools green. It’s okay!

Energize your body without caffeine, sugar, and stimulants. Give it pure chlorophyll. Try regular or mint liquid extract drops or convenient softgels.


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