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Nutrigold is proud to the first and only vitamin supplement brand to offer certified C.L.E.A.N. multivitamins. Notably, this high standard offers assurance that the men’s and women’s vitamin formulas are verified to be safe, minimally processed, and bioavailable. That is, they’re clean. Each vitamin formula is comprised of organic, plant-based, whole food nutrients. To keep them honest, you can then check it out for yourself with the QR code on the side of the bottle. For example, the One Daily Women’s Multi with all the 3rd party verifications you could want, reveals all when you scan the code. Try it!


One Daily multi gold from NutriGold vitamins

What’s Different About These Multivitamins?

  • High-potency, whole-food multis from organic plant-sourced vitamins and minerals in their biologically active forms
  • Organic capsules – no hard-to-swallow, oversized tablets
  • Free of “creative marketing” to distract from synthetic vitamin isolates added to a “base” of yeast or fruit and veggie powders
  • Independently tested for purity and potency – USDA organic; Non-GMO Project verified; Certified Vegan; Certified Kosher
  • Free of “herbal blends” that are present in most gender-specific multivitamin products in doses too low to be beneficial
  • Free of harmful additives such as binders, filler, coating agents or disintegrants
  • Inclusion of therapeutic dosage of Astaxanthin in Women’s 55+ multi. Astaxanthin is the most powerful antioxidant to support healthy aging.

certified C.L.E.A.N. explained

Only Certified C.L.E.A.N. Supplement Brand

Refreshingly, NutriGold’s commitment to integrity guides every aspect of their business. Together, the work tirelessly proceeds to earn your trust through partners like Certified C.L.E.A.N., and practices like sharing our formula certificates of analysis.

To be clear, the CLEAN acronym stands for:

  • Conscious (or safe as defined by federal regulatory standards)
  • Live (or minimally processed and organic)
  • Ethical (verified non-GMO and humanely processed)
  • Active (highly bioavailable based on modeling by CytoSolve technology)
  • Nourishing (based on the ANDI score).


Scan for Vitamin Certificate of Analysis

QR for clean multivitamins

Scan to See Certificate of Analysis

Certainly, authentic transparency means respecting consumers’ right to see who they really are. You can hold this manufacturer accountable for the things they say and do. Furthermore, the company believes that consumers have the right to hold them accountable for label claims. In return, NutriGold is professionally and ethically obligated to provide access to information to those claims. Wouldn’t you agree?

It is in this spirit of authentic transparency that they make product certificates of analysis, summarizing third-party test results, instantly available to consumers. All that is needed is a simple scan of the QR code on the product bottles. In the meantime, you know what to do. Simply download a QR scanner on your phone, and start scanning. Behold, the nutritional purity.


With this in mind, shop in-store to find:

  • One Daily Women’s Multi Gold

  • One Daily Men’s Multi Gold

  • Men’s Multi Gold

  • Women’s 40+ Multi Gold

  • Men’s 40+ Multi Gold

  • Women’s 55+ Multi Gold – with 4 mg of astaxanthin antioxidant


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