Cacao and Maca – Foods of the Gods

Cacao is called the food of the gods for a good reason. Its divine taste and nutritional properties were once revered by ancient Aztec and Mayan cultures. Used in everything from daily meals to celebrations, cacao was a mainstay of the culture. It eventually spread around the world to withstand the test of time. Are you looking for a healthy treat that can boost your mood and help bring down the stress of the day? We’ve got your back – or our cacao does. Ditto, maca powder, cacao mushroom drink, and more.

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Feel Good Organic Cacao

Some of the coziest and sweetest moments involve chocolate, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. It makes us feel good, it’s delicious, and cacao – the most important ingredient in chocolate – is one of nature’s most potent brain superfoods. Stick to natural and minimally processed products like Raw Cacao Powder. In this way, you can get all the benefits without the sugar crash that lower quality processed products produce. No need for dairy, corn syrup, or preservatives.

Cacao Nibs, Cacao Butter, and Cacao Powder are the first steps to creating homemade decadent delights like fudge, candies, hot cocoa, brownies, and much more. Here are some other great options:
– Spice up a Bulletproof Coffee with Cacao Butter and make it dairy-free
– Add cacao powder to any smoothie or yogurt recipe
– Add cacao nibs into healthy trail mixes or sprinkle on your oatmeal

At the end of the day, happiness goes hand in hand with health, so help spread the love with cacao, the healthy chocolate option. A gift that gives back is always the best. It also doesn’t hurt when that gift is delicious!

Cacao Drink – Loving this Everyday Treat

The above ideas and ingredients can be used any and every day not just on special occasions. Whether a warming cup of hot cocoa in winter or a cacao-infused cocktail on a weekend evening, the way cacao can be used is only limited to the imagination. Cacao can be a healthy alternative many families are looking for these days as we quest for a happy and healthy lifestyle. Check out Cacao Mushroom, a delicious elixir featuring some of nature’s most powerful superfoods: cacao and Lion’s Mane mushrooms.


Power of Maca

Maca is a root vegetable and a member of the cruciferous family, closely related to cabbage, turnips, broccoli, and many other familiar greens like kale and arugula. Originating over 5,000 years ago in the Peruvian Andes, the Maca plant was used by ancient Incas to increase physical performance, enhance libido and virility, balance hormones and moods, and more. The plant is dug out of the ground, dried, and crushed to form the powder we take as a daily superfood today.

Maca is an adaptogen, helping the body adapt to stress, internal and external, physical or emotional. Maca works at the cellular level to generate energy right in the mitochondria, leading to increased energy overall without the stimulant effects of caffeine or similar substances. It is invigorating, uplifting, awakening, and powerful. Black Maca is considered the most valuable and potent of all the Maca roots.

Shop raw Organic Maca Powder and raw Organic Black Maca Powder. This month is perfect for maca and cacao to light up your Valentine celebration.


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