Chocolate Vitamins? Absolutely

Are you tired, wired, anxious or simply craving a more delicious and effective way to get your vitamins and supplements? Good Day Chocolate vitamins are here for you. The chocolate vitamins use premium nutrients inside Fair-Trade dark and milk chocolate. Source candy coating from real fruit and vegetables to complete the flavor experience. To repeat, these are healthy candy vitamins for adults like you! You can’t go wrong with effective ingredients such as l-theanine and melatonin, for example.

The doctor-formulated flavorful vitamins are 3rd-party potency verified and pharmaceutical grade. In fact, the manufacturing process includes three separate verifications. This ensures that what’s listed on the outside is most definitely on the inside. To be doubly sure, they are responsibly sourced and nonGMO, too.

Why Chocolate Supplements?

  • Real, Whole Food

Surprisingly, chocolate is real, whole food with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory qualities. In contrast to gummies, you won’t find gelatin or high fructose corn syrup in our supplements. This is important. And here’s the real plus –  there’s only 2g of sugar per piece!

  • Highly Effective Delivery Format for Vitamins & Supplements

Chocolate is one of the most effective delivery systems for vitamins & supplements due to the natural combination of sugar and fat, which helps the body metabolize it more effectively and efficiently. By the way, they’re formulated by a doctor!

  • Delicious!

Who doesn’t love chocolate?! The taste, the euphoria, the indulgence! Indeed, these are mouth-watering, candy-coated chocolate pieces. In other words, your tongue never knows that they’re packed with health benefits. To be clear, they are definitely not gummies, though they are chewable vitamins.


Chocolate Vitamin Selection

Chocolate for Sleep – Melatonin:melatonin and l-theanine chocolate vitamins

Unfortunately, a healthy sleep regimen may be wishful thinking in your life, but there’s hope. Good Day Chocolate Sleep provides natural sleep aid relief. There is a perfect amount of restful Zzzs in every bottle along with an easy-to-use serving size guide for responsible dosing. Two pieces provide just the right amount of melatonin and chamomile extract to tuck you in.

Chocolate for Calm – L-Theanine:

Need help relaxing and easing some of the day’s tension, anxiety and stress? Calm is a blend of L-theanine, a naturally occurring amino acid found in soothing herbal tea. Furthermore, lush Fair Trade milk chocolate and soothing chamomile flowers enhance the final product. L-theanine is the #1 supplement therapists recommend for anxiety relief.

Look for delicious varieties, full of flavorful chocolate, in the store in the convenient travel size:

  • Calm with Milk Chocolate
  • Sleep with Milk Chocolate
  • Probiotic with Dark Chocolate
  • Energy with Dark Chocolate
  • Turmeric with Dark Chocolate
  • Vitamin D

Hey, Kids!

We haven’t forgotten you. Get chocolate vitamins for kids, too.

  • Multi Vitamin for Kids with Milk Chocolate – travel or regular size bottles, 2 pieces daily for age 3 and older
  • Sleep for Kids with Milk Chocolate – regular size bottles with melatonin and chamomile extract

Smile Train Partnership

Good Day Chocolate partners with the life-changing cleft repair charity, Smile Train. They, like us, believe everyone has the right to smile. Millions of children around the world are living with untreated clefts. With your help and our partnership with Smile Train, these children get a chance to smile.


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