Collagen Peptides: Support from Head to Toe

Collagen is in all parts of the body, from the cornea of the eye to blood vessel walls, the lining of the gut to our teeth, nails, and more. It is crucial to supporting our health because it forms the building blocks of everything our bodies are made of. Our human structural scaffolding if you will. Without it, our bodies start to break down, and we certainly notice it.

As the most plentiful protein we have, collagen intertwines with so many of our body parts, helping them to work their best. The body does make its own collagen, however, a number of factors affect its abundance. The biggest culprit is simply getting older. Around age 25 the body’s collagen starts to decline 1% every year. Other factors are a diet high in sugar, smoking, and getting too much sun. Now that we know the importance, where exactly is it inside of us?

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From Head to Toe and Everywhere in Between

When we say collagen intertwines into just about every part of our body, we really mean it. Collagen supports the body with the creation and maintaining of bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and skin. We told you it was in just about everything!

For bones, collagen helps improve bone mineral density, keeping bones from weakening. When using collagen along with resistance exercise, studies show an increase in muscle mass for those having lost it due to their age. In order for our tendons and ligaments to both remain strong and flexible, they need collagen. Lastly, and perhaps maybe the most noticeable appearance of collagen is in our skin. Aging is inevitable. But, the more we replenish what our bodies lose naturally, the lesser chance for the appearance of wrinkles or fine lines as we age.


Different Types

While browsing the supplement aisle, you may notice numbers for specific types of collagen are noted on the packaging. What do they mean? Fun fact: there are 28 different types of collagen, but the following are those most abundant in the human body.

Type I is what we have the most of. In fact, it makes up an incredible 90% of all collagen stores. It consists of densely packed fibers that provide structure to the skin, bones, tendons, cartilage, and teeth.

Type II has the fibers more loosely packed. These fibers are in the cartilage that cushions our joints, assisting with mobility. A lack of this cushioning and the pain it causes is one of the more notable signs of collagen loss as we get older.

Type III often works along with type I to support bone and skin health. It also helps to form part of the arterial walls of our cardiovascular system.


Selecting the Right Collagen Peptides For You

Firstly, it is important when selecting any supplement to make sure it is something that will be easily absorbed and utilized by the body. Look for a collagen supplement that is hydrolyzed or in peptide form, meaning it is broken down into smaller molecules to better absorb in your body. Secondly, it is important to select one that has the support of third-party audits like Non-GMO Project Certified, Keto Certified, and NSF Gluten Free. Lastly, that it is as clean and traceable as possible. With Garden of Life collagens, you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll get all of this.

Collagen Peptides

Features 20 g of grass-fed, pasture-raised, highly absorbable collagen per scoop. It promotes skin elasticity, strong nails, and healthy hair along with supporting joint comfort and mobility. With an added 1.5 billion CFU to aid digestion, and type I and III collagen, this is a great choice for a basic collagen supplement.

Collagen Beauty

Features 12 g of grass-fed, pasture-raised type I and III collagen peptides per scoop. This beauty formula has added biotin, silica, and vitamin c to support radiant skin, gorgeous hair, and beautiful nails. Also try Collagen Greens Beauty to get the same collagen as the original beauty formula but with added greens and probiotics.

Collagen Coconut MCT

With 10 g of grass-fed collagen peptides, 3 mg of MCTs, and probiotics for enhanced digestion. For energy, hair, skin, nails, and joint support, try adding this formula to your coffee or a smoothie.

Collagen Protein

Get 20 g of grass-fed collagen peptides for joints, mobility, and muscle repair. In addition, probiotics are added for digestion, MCTs to promote energy, and 4 super seed proteins.

Collagen Turmeric

Finally, this formula contains 10 g grass-fed and pasture-raised type II collagen peptides. As always, this will help support healthy skin elasticity, strong hair and nails, joints and mobility. 500 mg of fermented organic turmeric root is also added to offer highly digestible further support to joints and mobility.


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