Collagen: Your “Beauty, Youth, Health” Connection

If you’ve ever suspected that there was a link between beauty, youth, and health – you’re right. In fact, it’s now considered a medical certainty. That link, of course, is collagen. We now know that the condition of youth, health, and beauty is largely determined by the “quantity” and “quality” of collagen. This collagen (or lack of) affects everything from your skin, hair, and nails to your bones, joints, eyes, muscles, and teeth. Before we talk about how to regain lost collagen, let’s look at the comparison between a weak collagen matrix and a strong collagen matrix in relation to your skin.


Condition of Aging: Weak Collagen MatrixBiosil collagen matrix

Starting at age 21, the body’s collagen content begins to diminish by 1.5% per year, and the collagen fibers start running in a single direction. In skin, this causes wrinkling and loss of elasticity. By age 30, the signs of collagen loss start to become visible. Collagen deficiency contributes to the visible signs of aging we’re all familiar with.


Condition of Youth, Beauty, and Health: Strong Collagen Matrix

During youth, your body contains a rich abundance of collagen fibers that span out in all directions (multi-directional). This creates smooth, firm, glowing skin with a high “bounce-back” quality that prevents wrinkles from forming.

The question becomes, is there a scientifically proven way to regain lost collagen, generate new collagen, and protect both new and existing collagen. The answer is, when you understand exactly how the body generates collagen (enzyme activation), you’ll be able to generate new collagen and start seeing results in skin, hair, and nails within a few weeks.


The Science of Generating Collagen

Collagen: Generate It – Don’t Eat It

BiosilHere, knowledge is power. And knowledge comes in the form of “careful distinction.” That distinction is between “eating” what our bodies need versus having our bodies “generate” what we need. You see, as women, when our doctor says we need more calcium, we simply buy calcium and eat (ingest) it. Done. And all’s well. But with collagen it’s completely different. Why?

Collagen is a protein. When you ingest collagen, your body “sees” it as any other protein (such as chicken, fish, or beef) and breaks it down and simply uses it as food. The key is activating the actual enzymes that “turn on” the collagen-generating cells in our bodies, called fibroblasts. Here, there’s some very good news. A compound, scientifically known as ch-OSA®, activates collagen-generating enzymes and has been clinically proven to increase collagen formation, increase skin elasticity 89.0%, reduce fine lines and wrinkles 30.0%, increase hair strength 13.1%, increase hair shaft diameter (thickness) 12.8% and significantly increase nail strength.† What’s more, ch-OSA protects both the newly generated collagen as well as your existing collagen. See the scientific facts about ch-OSA below.


ch-OSA®: Clinically Proven Collagen Generator 

Generate Lost Collagen – Add New Collagen – Protect New and Existing Collagen

Clinically Proven Results

Here’s another important distinction. BioSil® is not just clinically tested, meaning it went through the clinical trial process, but it’s clinically proven, meaning it showed statistically significant results.


Reduces Fine Lines and Wrinkles 30.0%‡† Thickens Hair      12.8%**† Reduces Brittleness† Clinically Proven Safe
Increases Skin Elasticity 89.0%‡† Strengthens Hair 13.1%**† Increases Hardness† No Side Effects


Important New Findings: Skin Glow and Hair Shine

We all know that beautiful, healthy-looking skin has a noticeable glow. That’s why one of the goals of the makeup we use is creating that glow. Look no further than YouTube to see 100’s of tutorials about “creating glow” in 5, 6, up to 11 steps. All that work, just to remove it before bed! Then there are the 1001 ways to make your hair “shiny and irresistible” but unfortunately, not shampoo resistant. But new collagen research proves that a permanent skin glow and hair shine is actually created by collagen.


Collagen and Skin Glow

awardHere’s how it works. As light passes through capillaries (reddish in color) in your skin, it reflects off of the collagen that’s near the surface. Scientifically, this phenomenon is known as the “Light Reflection Factor.” The key, of course, is having sufficient amounts of collagen in your skin. You can see the real advantage of collagen-generating ch-OSA here. Besides, it’s a winner of the Better Nutrition Best of Beauty Award 2017 and many other awards, too.


Collagen and Hairshiny hair

Just as with skin, the degree of your hair’s shine depends on its ability to reflect light. Like a mirror. With hair, light reflection increases in direct proportion to the “smoothness” of the surface of your hair shaft. Ch-OSA increases the keratin content in hair and “plumps out” the hair shaft, creating a glass-like surface giving hair a healthy-looking shine. So the only question remaining is, where can you find clinically proven ch-OSA?


Find ch-OSA® in BioSil®

Look Beautiful – Look Youthful – Look Healthy

You can only find clinically proven ch-OSA in BioSil products. BioSil comes in both vegetarian capsules for hair, skin, and nails, and liquid drops for hair, skin, nails, bones, and joints. Now we’d like to leave you with a wonderful quote… “nothing is so sweet as that which was lost – and returned.” Now you can generate lost collagen, add new collagen, and protect all of your collagen with BioSil. So go on, look beautiful, look youthful, and look healthy.


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‡ Barel, et al. (2005) Arch Dermatol Res, 297: 147-153. ** Wickett, et al. (2007) Arch Dermatol Res, 299: 499-505. Results may vary.



Collagen: Your “Beauty-Youth-Health” Connection
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Collagen: Your “Beauty-Youth-Health” Connection
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