Cross Over into the Joint Comfort Zone

It’s official: 2020 and you’re determined to get in shape. Congratulations! However, now that February has hit, your active lifestyle has made a sore impact on your muscles and joints. When you miss your visit to the gym, you still feel it. Daily life and moving around can give routine aches and pains. Activities, like carrying the groceries in, changing the sheets, and mopping the floor, can cause you to seek a fast healthy solution. Natural supplements can help. Enter the joint comfort zone with No. 7, Tart Cherry, or Curcumin herbal supplements. Got stiff joints? Let’s start with No. 7.


The Joint Comfort Zone

Whether you experience morning zone stiffness or twilight zone joint and muscle pain, your new favorite herbal remedy will help you to step over into the comfort zone. A variety of scientifically supported mechanisms are employed to lead you there. Here is what Solgar’s 7 does, specifically:

  • balance the release of joint enzymes that can break down joint cushioning
  • structurally support collagen building blocks
  • joint cartilage support
  • range of motion support
  • joint flexibility support
  • aid stiff joints

Daily wear and tear activities such as hiking, sledding, and shoveling snow all can threaten your winter fun if your muscles and joints ache. Vigorous workouts at the gym do, too. But don’t stop exercising! A dosage of only one No. 7 capsule per day can give fast joint relief usually within seven days; thus the name. Get fast nutritional support for your vigorous workouts at the gym, too.


No. 7 Joint Supplement Key Ingredients:

Boswellia 5-Loxin

Top ingredients in the herbal blend begin with a unique extract from Boswellia serrata resin: 5-Loxin Advanced®. 5-LOXIN® inhibits an enzyme called 5-lipoxygenase. 5-LOX inhibitors like this one follow a distinct pathway in the body. While it is involved in the breakdown of arachidonic acid, the 5-LOX inhibitor does not exhibit side effects.

5-LOXIN®’s safety is supported by historic usage, published human studies, and extensive safety and toxicity studies.

Type II Collagen, UC-II

A second key ingredient, providing 40 mg is UC-II® (Type II Collagen). A recent study concluded, “daily supplementation with 40 mg of UC-II was well tolerated and led to improved knee joint extension in healthy subjects. UC-II also demonstrated the potential to lengthen the period of pain free strenuous exertion and alleviate the joint pain that occasionally arises from such activities.

Ester C Vitamin C

Lastly, Ester-C®, a unique form of vitamin C is included in the formula. This C vitamin is retained in the body longer than common vitamin C and is easily tolerated in the tummy.

Complete the blend with herbs and spices to enhance joint health and you’ve got it! Your ticket to the joint comfort zone!

joint support No 7 with UC II and boswellia

Herbal Inflammation Support

Also, consider a water-soluble Curcumin supplement like this one, and Tart Cherry both by Solgar Vitamins. Tart Cherry (Prunus cerasus) naturally contains polyphenolic antioxidant compounds such as quercetin, chlorogenic acid, and anthocyanins which can help fight free radicals that cause oxidative damage to the cells in our bodies. The formula provides the equivalent of 1,000 mg of tart cherry in each capsule. These two supplements further support the body’s inflammation response.

Unlock your imagination – see a world with comfortable knees, elbows and back. A world with comfortable joints!


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