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You tried probiotics but they didn’t work for you. New strains of bacteria didn’t improve your digestion like you thought they would. This has left you with the same gas, nausea, upset stomach, heartburn, and bloating issues. Furthermore, other herbal supplements you’ve tried created troublesome cramping and purging. Consequently, you ended up more uncomfortable than the problem you started out with. Today, take a look at award-winning FlorAvani prebiotic and ComfortCleanse, two Himalaya plant-based formulas that are redefining good digestion and effective detox.

Himalaya Floravani with Comfort Cleanse

Nourish Your Existing Gut Flora Better Than Probiotics

Probiotics are great, but FlorAvani does something they can’t do. Even the best probiotics on the market only hope to add up to 1% of the number of total bacteria in your gut. In contrast, FlorAvani with Triphala, Chicory and other plant-based ingredients supports up to 70% of the bacteria already inside you. Your microbiome is unique; perhaps you don’t want to introduce foreign probiotic strains into your system. Some folk don’t thrive with probiotics. However, you can add a regular probiotic formula to your foundational Floravani daily regimen if you want to.

What Does It Mean to Balance Gut Flora?

Your body mass index is profoundly impacted by two types of bacteria phylum: Firmicutes and Bacteroidetes. Their ratio to each other influences your weight and cardiovascular profile. FlorAvani’s chicory and other prebiotic fibers are outstanding at balancing gut flora ratio. In fact, the supplement increased microbiome diversity by 200+ species and improved the F:B ratio.


  • Results in One Bottle –

In a Himalaya clinical study, 83% people (25 out of 30) found digestion relief in just 4 weeks from:

  1. gas

  2. nausea

  3. upset stomach

  4. heartburn

  5. bloating and fullness


  • A Clean, Green Probiotic Alternative –

Plant-based FlorAvani is gluten-free and contains no wheat, corn, soy or dairy. It’s vegetarian, vegan-friendly, cGMP and Non-GMO verified.



Gentle Constipation Relief without Cramping

Himalaya’s ComfortCleanse provides gentle, reliable colon cleansing and relief from occasional constipation. This herbal laxative formula is for you if you don’t want the purging and cramping of other herbs you’ve tried. Watch it work better and better over days and weeks. ComfortCleanse is safe, effective, and provides non-addictive support. ComfortCleanse supports the body’s normal functions necessary for proper digestion and aides in the process of gentle bowel movement and detoxification.


  • Clinically Studied Colon Support for Occasional Constipation –

ComfortCleanse helps support reliable, consistent and gentle bowel movements with no Senna or Cascara. No straining, cramping, or unexpected bathroom events. Take two capsules at bedtime. Gluten-free. Vegan-friendly.

  • Supports Digestion, Detox, Regularity –

Reduce bloating and that feeling of fullness. Remove waste from the colon to support regularity, detox, and gut health. Promote wellness from your stomach to your colon by supporting the immune system’s protective barrier.

  • Ginger, Licorice, Chicory Provide Gentle Colon Cleanse –

    ayurvedic herbal laxative

    ComfortCleanse Ingredients

ComfortCleanse provides gentle, non-irritating digestive support. Support your bile production and the normal alkaline environment in your intestines with natural Ayurvedic herbs.


Wellness Rooted in Tradition, Solid in Science

Himalaya’s mission is to make the world well, one person at a time. They do this by providing advanced knowledge of traditional Indian Ayurveda. Additionally, for over 88 years they’ve produced products which encompass the vast wisdom of contemporary science.

Redefine effective digestion and dependable, gentle cleansing, detox, and regularity with FlorAvani and ComfortCleanse, two plant-based champions available right here at Martindale’s.


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