Edge Farms Heritage Pork

Edge Farm Heritage Pork

Located in Chester Springs, PA, Edge Farms has a reputation for quality. Martindale’s shoppers may already be familiar with their beautiful rainbow eggs, but did you know they raise pigs, too?

Edge Farms heritage pigs are forest-raised animals; they forage the way pigs are meant to.

heritage pork comes from happy free-range pigs

Heritage pork, like heritage tomatoes or apples, is a variety of pork that harkens back to the good old days. Before animals and plants were bred for size they were bred for flavor, consistency, and temperament. Heritage pigs spend their days rooting through underbrush and snuffling down acorns, mushrooms, and insects.

Not only does this mean an increased quality of life for the animal, it’s a boon for the farmer too. The pigs help clear weeds, till the earth, and manage pests. The consumer experiences the benefits as well; a natural lifestyle means pigs flourish without antibiotics, eat natural non-GMO forage, and maintain healthy (and tasty) levels of muscle and fat.

The difference is clear in the meat. Their pork is juicier, more tender, and more full of flavor than its modern equivalent. Heritage pork is prized by chefs and home cooks alike for its superlative taste, which many say defies comparison to “supermarket” pork.

Choosing Edge Farms heritage meat is not only a wonderful culinary experience, but it promotes a happier, more environmentally-friendly approach to pig farming.

Heritage Breeds and Farmers

There are a number of pig types in the United States considered heritage breeds. Our friends at The Edge Farms raise three different types, all of which have historically been coveted for their pork. They raise:

American Landrace: Descended from a Danish breed, these pigs are prized for their large litter sizes and lean body composition.

Duroc: Duroc pigs are hardy and produce especially juicy pork. They thrive in forested environments like those found at Edge.

Large Black: Large Blacks are coveted for their perfectly marbled meat. They’re also massive (hence the name) weighing in at up to 800 pounds!


While more and more farmers are beginning to raise heritage pork, the numbers are still quite small. Many of these pigs have only recently returned from the brink of extinction. For example, it was estimated that in 2008, only 2,000 Large Blacks were left in the entire world. That’s why it’s so important to support local farmers who raise heritage pigs; not only are you receiving superior product, you are helping to preserve our country’s rich agricultural and culinary history.

By purchasing meat from local farmers, you are supporting your community. Located just over an hour away from Martindale’s, Edge Farms is as local as heritage pork can get.

Check our meat cold case and freezer for this exciting new addition. One bite, and you’ll understand – sometimes, the old-fashioned way is best.