Exotic Meats for Paleo, Keto, and Meat Lovers

Shop premium natural and sustainable exotic meats for your Paleo or Keto diet. Notwithstanding, just get it because you love it! You might prepare bison, ostrich, yak or kangaroo. They are uncommonly flavorful! Besides, humanely-raised meat and game meet top worldwide standards and truly, we’re happy to offer them through Fossil Farms. Look for unusual and rare meats for sale in the frozen section with these exemplary qualities:

  • Humanely raised responsibly harvested – Ethical meat means sustainably produced with open pastures, sunshine, and pure water. No animal by-products are ever used as the animals are fed grass with supplemental grains.
  • No antibiotics, steroids or hormones – These are healthy animals raised the right way to be clean, naturally. Hormone-free meat is available locally.
  • Sourced from independent farms – Our supplier knows the farmers and ranchers by name, no matter if it’s sourced from across the U.S. or from around the world. Dedicated ranchers care and do it right.

wild sustainable natural meat



Find your favorites along with locally raised meat right in our familiar frozen meat section near the beef, chicken, and sausages. It arrives frozen and goes right into our freezers to stay fresh for you.


Scared to try new meat? Beginner’s luck is comin’ your way with lean-machine bison grown the all-natural way. Notably, the American Heart Association and the American Diabetes Association recommend bison meat because of its lean and healthy nutritional profile. Try ground bison to make gourmet burgers or add to beans and rice. Also available is bison stew meat. While some call bison “buffalo meat”, either way, it’s delicious.



The ground ostrich meat is free of antibiotics, hormones, and steroids, too. Funny, it tastes, looks and cooks just like beef, a red meat, though ostrich is poultry. The American Heart Association suggests cooking with ostrich poultry as a heart-healthy alternative. With this in mind, consider the health benefits:

  • 99% fat-free
  • high protein and iron
  • low cholesterol

It’s good for the planet, too!

Carefully raised on an all-vegetarian diet of farm-local alfalfa hay, corn and soybean meal. Jazz up spaghetti sauce, for sure.



The lean, ground yak meat is completely grass-fed and grass-finished while beef and bison would love to be as tender. Family-owned Colorado ranches at higher elevations achieve this no-problemo. Naturally, these cattle never suffer the indignity of hormones, antibiotics, or steroids. Taste the sweet, delicate beefy flavor as you prepare it in a variety of meaty recipes substituting yak for beef. Think yak meatloaf, chili or burgers.



Find truly wild ground kangaroo meat, grown and harvested by wildlife authorities under strict guidelines set forth by the Australian government. Never farmed-raised, grass-fed wild kangaroo meat is 99% fat-free and low in cholesterol. Try it!


In conclusion, people enjoy exotic rare meats around the world. Now you can get them easily in our Springfield, PA store. Historically, people cultivated their relationship with nature through diet and the food sources near them. Even now, this contributes to the preparation of stews, soups, appetizers, and most parts of a creative culinary menu. Think Paleo or Keto diet; think of your family. Put on your adventurer’s hat and try novel meats responsibly sourced from just about everywhere.


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