Eyes, Hives, & Sinus – What Your Allergies Do To You

And What You Need to Know

Itchy Watery Eyes

Eyes are delicate. They need just the right amount of tear production: not too much or you get watery eyes. Combine wet watery eyes with the itchiness of daily hay fever allergy attacks snowing down pollen from early spring trees and you’re sure to require a good sized hanky. That’s not a good thing. Whether its pollen, mold or dust, early spring kicks off the challenges of allergy season. Add to this the drama of mascara streaks and blurry vision, not to mention your runny nose, and you need relief now!


Itchy, Red, Burning Dry Eyes

Then again there are the allergies that produce a dry eye or two. Perhaps you have burning itchy eyes with light sensitivity and sharp flashing pains. Sunglasses will need to be doubled. Dry eye is no fun. You find yourself wishing for watery eyes.

You might even have dry eyes without allergies, such as that which occurs from long hours at the computer. A computer glare filter app is a good beginning but there are products that can improve your life beyond that. You need to nourish your eyes. Read on!


Natural Remedies for Eyes

Consider natural homeopathic remedies when your eyes experience either eye extreme due to allergies and day to day eye strain. Boiron allergy remedies will not cause drowsiness which is very, very important when ragweed and pollen deposit their goods and wear you out.


Remedies such as Sabadil® quick-dissolve tablets provide allergy relief without concern to the precise allergen that caused the onslaught. Could be pollen, grass, hay fever, or dust that got under your lids. Sabadil has you covered for itchy, watery eyes, sneezing and itchy runny nose, and itchy throat. Don’t worry about product interactions, as there aren’t any with safe, effective homeopathy. Sabadil is available for remedieskids with allergies, too.


Optique1® is a sterile, preservative-free, single-use liquid eye drop formula that covers an array of symptoms of the eyes: dry eyes, allergy eyes, burning eyes, and itchy red eyes, whether from allergies or computer eye strain or too many hours playing computer games on your phone. A clean eye drop formula can provide soothing, refreshing relief. Get a coupon here.


Hayfever and Hives

For broad-spectrum relief of pollen and dust allergic symptoms, consider highly effective Histaminum 30C quick dissolving pellets in the classic blue tubes. Histaminum will also reduce the unpleasant eruption of occasional allergic hives that result from inhaling or ingesting something. You’ll surely want this remedy in the handy 3-pack to last into the spring. April showers and May flowers should be no problem for you. Combine with Sabadil or Optique1 as you like because none of these have sleepy side effects. Operate all the heavy equipment you like – no caution about that!



Finally, Sinusalia® quick dissolve tablets relieve heavy swollen sinuses, sinus headache, congestion and pain. Cheeks, forehead, and nose pressure get relief whether day or night. Allergies or colds may require Sinusalia. Goodbye, sinus. Hello, relief.


As of now, it’s March. Prepare for allergy season. Keep track of the pollen count in your area. Plan your best natural treatment options before the suffering kicks in and take them at the first sign of allergy symptoms. Open your eyes to natural products without nasty side effects. Open your eyes to springtime and breathe it in.


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Eyes, Hives, & Sinus – What Your Allergies Do To You
Whether its pollen, mold or dust, early spring kicks off the challenges of allergy season. Open your eyes to natural products without nasty side effects for itchy watery eyes or even dry itchy eyes.
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