Face It Beautifully – Face Masks Revealed

Your face tells a lot about you: your feelings, what you comprehend, where you’ve been. If your face could talk it would spill the beans. It would say what you might not want to hear. The skin on your own face would reveal what sludge gets flung there everyday and how its pores are choking and gasping for each and every breath.


The facial clog is not something you can easily prevent. It comes from a walk in the city park where smog lurks. More impurities spume up from car and bus fumes.


Blocked pores could be a result of your own body’s inability to process its own oils. It could come from sweating a lot during a workout at the gym. Life happens. Bacteria cling to each segment of epidermis like a driver to her GPS. The continual birth of daily skin cells means that there will be dead ones hanging around your eyes, down your cheeks, and on your chin. Living, breathing pores are healthy pores. Compromised pores yield blackheads, pimples, eczema, or acne.


And we haven’t even mentioned the age factor! As we age our skin can take on a dull appearance due to free radical damage stemming from all of the above. We begin to notice fine lines, wrinkles and perhaps even a general loss of tone. A simple cleansing face mask can help with all of the above.


Face Masks – 2 Types of Clay

When we mention “face masks” what do you think of? Put aside all thoughts of ancient Greek theatrical masks, scary death masks, and pretentious party masks. Using the secrets of kaolin and bentonite clay, your face will whisper its clean delights to you in no time. While both purify, kaolin has a light, creamy texture and bentonite is rougher yet has more “drawing” power to remove undesirables. Clay’s innate electrical charge has drawing power to help your skin decongest.


Choose one from derma-e’s three types of face masks and address your skin’s special needs. They all contain kaolin Clay and bentonite clay from mother earth but that’s where the similarities stop. All three of them will deep cleanse but they do far more. All of them are natural, but they’re also:


  • Cruelty free, vegan
  • GMO free
  • Gluten and soy free
  • Paraben free
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate free


derma facial masks

1. A Detoxifying Clay Mask

First, we present a deep detox mask that can’t stop cleaning, called Purifying 2-in-1 Charcoal Mask. Have you ever been there? This facial mask not only drives toxins out of your pores, it also exfoliates. Goodbye dirt, impurities, oil, and dead skin cells. Any skin type would love this though it was designed for oily skin, active perspiring skin, and city dwellers.

Key Detoxifying Ingredients:

Activated Charcoal is used to gently suck out impurities, while apricot seed helps to exfoliate. Also look for marine algae and bladderwrack.


2. A Skin Brightening Face Mask

Next we offer Vitamin C Brightening Clay Mask. Vitamin C and mica, will help brighten your skin as they reduce the appearance of uneven skin tones and blotches. Fine lines and wrinkles appear to fade into distant memory. Leaves you with a more glowing and healthier looking face with irregular spots appearing corrected. Naturally!

Key Brightening Ingredients:

The brightest of all derma-e’s skin masks includes powerful antioxidants from turmeric and kale. Who knew these would be so effective?


3. A Cooling, Yet Firming, Clay Mask

Lastly, we present the mask most often used to achieve a tighter skin. DMAE is included to help skin appear noticeably firmer, lifted, smoother and ‘poofier’ than it was before. Firming Clay Mask draws out skin’s impurities while buffing away dull dry skin flakes with natural exfoliation. Ta-da! Reduce the face-dandruff. Be ready for tighter looking skin with a fresh natural glow. Enjoy the cool spearmint that makes your personal masking session a pleasure. A favorite of those with dry skin.

Key Firming Ingredients:

This mask includes popular DMAE for firming with Adzuki bean for exfoliating. Organic spearmint leaf oil provides the fresh cooling sensation.


That about wraps it up. Apply, let dry, wash off. Which face mask is right for you? It depends on your goal. Do you want to detox, illuminate, or firm? Whichever mask you go for, choose a natural face.



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Face It Beautifully - Face Masks Revealed
Which face mask is right for you? It depends on your goal. Do you want to detox, brighten, or firm? Whichever mask you go for, choose a natural face.
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