Feel Stiff? Get Moving and Groovin’

Being active does wonderful things for our body, but over time a number of factors can start to take their toll. This can happen because of age, genetics, and much more. Anyone can experience occasional discomfort due to a long-term active lifestyle, but it hits those of us getting older the hardest. With 34 percent of U.S. residents over age 50, and that number continually growing as baby boomers get older, it is fair to say there are a lot of bodies out there that may be feeling stiff and hurting from time to time. Perhaps you are one of them. Joint support is especially needed after a workout. Joint health supplements and antioxidants, like Montmorency tart cherry extract, can help enable easier movement and enhance joint comfort.

fast joint support and comfort within 7 days when feeling stiff

Stiff Joints? Fast Natural Relief for Joint Comfort

You may be familiar with glucosamine and chondroitin, the supplements our parents took to help their joints. They’ve had their time in the spotlight, but we’ve come a long way since those. Specifically, Solgar No. 7 has one-upped the older supplement offerings with a supplement blend to help with stiffness. However, their unique combination of nutrients works to create a fast-acting approach to occasional joint stresses brought on by physical activity. So fast in fact, that you will feel improvements in joint comfort within 7 days!

Stiff joints can affect you in the morning or even at night. Continuous pressure on our joints can be bad news down the road. This is where No. 7 works differently than joint health supplements of the past. This one focuses on cartilage support – our joints natural cushioning. This incredible formula goes to work to balance the release of joint enzymes and structurally support healthy cartilage. This formula will help support your knees, shoulders, and back with its combination of advanced and naturally sourced bio-active ingredients:

  • a special Boswellia extract that supports a healthy inflammatory response
  • UC-II type II collagen to balance joint’s enzyme activity
  • Ester-C buffered vitamin C to help with collagen production without side effects

Put these along with traditional spices and botanicals and you’re on your way to restoring a natural range of motion. Ease the “wear and tear” brought on by normal exercise and sports. Let’s get moving more comfortably and let’s do it fast! Stop feeling stiff, already.


Fight Free Radicals with Cherries

Age isn’t the only culprit for unhappy bodies. Oxidative stress is a major one. However, you can fight it with fruit! Cherries have been eaten as food and used astart cherry supplement for muscles and joint health medicine for thousands of years. You may be familiar with tart cherries making an appearance in cherry pie. However, Tart Cherry Extract provides all the health-supporting benefits without all the calories and sugar. What a win! Tart cherries, from Montmorency cherries, are naturally brimming with polyphenols like quercetin and chlorogenic acid. The specific polyphenol, anthocyanins, give cherries their beautiful bright red color.

This abundance of antioxidants helps our bodies to fight off free radicals and the nasty effects of such. Free or not – we want nothing of those radicals! Oxidative stress harms our cells – think of rust. Unhappy cells are the foundation of bothersome conditions that can hinder our ability to live happy, active lives. Fear not, our common red fruit rises to the rescue!

Love to workout? Even healthful activity can release free radicals that make you occasionally sore. Consider this cherry extract supplement when sore muscles need antioxidant power.

Add both the No. 7 formula and Tart Cherry to your daily joint health regimen to keep moving and groovin’ your way through life! Each morning you’ll say, “No more feeling stiff for me”!



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