Fermentable: Living Fermented Food Choices

The hills are alive with the sound of music and likewise, fermented foods are alive with friendly bacteria. Fermented beverages and foods help you gain natural probiotics from culinary choices to aid digestion, immunity, and even cardio health and mood. Here’s where to find a grand selection of natural, probiotic-rich fermented foods and fermented beverages. Even more fermentation is to be found in our dairy case with the yogurts and kefir, but that’s another story for another day. We have arranged probiotic drinks in our refrigerated case so that you’ll easily be able to find what you’re looking for. Additionally, you’ll get them at great prices.


Kombucha and Fermented Beverages

King of fermentation might be Kombucha. View it all down the two panels shown here in our refrigerated case. We offer a huge selection in a variety of flavors from several producers and, frankly, they are very popular. You’ll find Dr. Brew, Baba’s Brew, GT’s, Health-Ade, Tribucha, WildTonic, and more. Bubbly and fun, some are low-sugar. Try one from each brand to start your journey. Yes, local bucha is available, too, in time for Saturday night’s party.

kombucha, kimchi, tofu, pickles and fermented foods in the refrigerated case


Fermented Foods

Shop probiotic-rich crafted fermented drinks, foods and condiments including many varieties of sauerkraut and beyond. Get pickles, beets, kimchi, carrots, and much more alive with friendly bacteria for good gut health. Commonly available pickles use harsh means that kill off these probiotics. Don’t put up with it! Eat for good health with cultured food in your diet. You’ll be eating for good taste as well.

Get probiotics by eating whole, probiotic-rich foods.

Fermentation Science

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