Fire Up with Apple Cider Vinegar Tonics

On the potent health pillars of apple cider vinegar and honey comes a certified organic Fire Cider tonic ready-made just for you. Introducing old-fashioned, tangy wellness shots made from raw whole foods like vinegar, citrus, garlic, roots and spices. The firey, master tonic comes in two potent varieties and in two sizes.

fire cider with apple cider vinegar with the mother

Apple Cider Vinegar Plus Fire

First of all, a base of raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar teeming with the “mother” starts it off. Then, oranges and lemons provide bright citrus zing and vitamin C. Onions, horseradish, and garlic bring beneficial compounds and their positive immune and digestive effects. Things get a little spicy when ginger, turmeric, habanero, and black pepper are added. These ingredients aid with inflammation and help to give Fire Cider some of its warming effects. The whole superfoods steep, bubble, and culture until the balance is achieved. Beneficial compounds, vitamins, and minerals settle out of the roots, fruits, and spices, permeating the vinegar. All food solids are pressed to recover as much of the golden, infused vinegar as possible.

Whether you call it a tonic drink or herbal tonic, the point is that health tonics restore, stimulate, or invigorate the body.


Sweet or Not – That is the Question

Sugar-watchers, Paleo and vegans alike prefer the Honey-Free flavor. It is bright and sharp, and a surprising amount of citrus flavor comes through! It’s also a great flavor if you like to experiment with your own sweeteners; maple syrup, date syrup, stevia, and monk fruit have been some of our favorites around the office.

If you like your Fire Cider pre-sweetened, choose Original flavor adorned with raw, unfiltered wildflower honey.


How Shall I Use Thee, Fire Cider?

Just 1 tbsp each day is all you need of this old-fashioned, master tonic. Start the day with a caffeine-free, morning wellness shot, or save it to revive you from a 2 pm slump. Be brave and down it straight! Alternately, add to a glass of water, some fresh-squeezed juice, or a morning smoothie. Even blend it with a cup of tea. However, boiling water will kill the beneficial bacteria culture in the apple cider vinegar, so add your tonic just before sipping.

Refreshingly, drinking spicy Fire tonic isn’t the only way to enjoy the benefits! It can add a surprising kick of flavor to homemade salad dressings and cocktails. Moreover, the blustery winds of March are a perfect time to do a warming spring cleanse.

Get recipes here.

Old-Fashioned Vinegar Wellness Shot

While apple cider vinegar tonics and wellness shots have been known and used for thousands of years, our unique, award-winning combination of ingredients and flavors can help bring the benefits of this ancient wisdom into your life. Organic cider vinegar with the “mother”, combines with whole superfoods to make a classic firey master tonic you just can’t live without! Drink it up – all systems go!



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