First Aid for Your Immune System

You know you’ve officially reached adulthood when you stock a first aid kit in your house or car (or both!). It’s a hallmark of maturity to realize that the time to purchase bandages and ointments is before you need them. The same is true of immune-supporting nutrients. You want to have these essentials around before an immune challenge strikes. In fact, start taking the right dietary supplements now, and you may breeze through the cold, wet months of winter without missing a beat. What vitamins would you put in your vitamin immunity kit? We’ll show you what goes into ours.


4 Key Nutrients your Immune System Loves:

  1. Vitamin C is the most famous of the immune-supporting vitamins and minerals, with good reason. It’s been shown to help people who are under the weather feel better faster.* A lot of people are under the impression that you need to take mega-amounts of vitamin C to get the desired effect, but research shows that 1,000 mg does the trick.
  2. Vitamin D is an essential nutrient, but it’s difficult to get through diet alone since it’s not in many foods. Your skin can make its own supply when exposed to sunlight, but that’s tricky in the wintertime, so supplementing with vitamin D is wise. In one study, people with sufficient levels of this vitamin were 54.5 percent less likely to feel poorly.*
  3. Zinc is one of the most-researched nutrients for boosting immunity.* It especially benefits the health of the throat and nose.* The totality of the research suggests taking zinc daily shortens the length of immune challenges.*
  4. Quercetin is a phytonutrient with antioxidant properties that is found abundantly in apples and onions. It works by helping vitamin D and zinc do their jobs better.*

If you suspect you’re not getting enough of these immune-boosting nutrients from the food you eat, consider supplementation. In fact, think of your yourself and your loved ones and get them a vitamin immunity gift.

vit C, vit D, quercetin and zinc

Give the Gift of Immunity

Choose quality immunity vitamins in your kit which are perfect for gifting to your loved ones or yourself. Some vitamins are best taken concurrently with others for maximum benefits. Take your zinc along with quercetin – they work in harmony. Take your D with zinc and quercetin, and your zinc with C. All together now!

Natural Factors’ All-in-One Immunity Startup Kit provides a month’s supply of:


    • Vitamin C, with 1,000 mg of timed-release vitamin C per tablet for gradual release over eight hours, plus citrus bioflavonoids and hesperidin for optimal absorption. These two bioflavonoids support the usability of the vitamin C. Time-released C means a continual bloodstream supply all day long.


    • Vitamin D3, featuring 50 mcg (2,000 IU) of D3 per softgel in its natural, most bioactive form (cholecalciferol), in a base of organic flaxseed oil for enhanced absorption.


    • Zinc Citrate, providing 15 mg per tablet, in the bioavailable and well-tolerated form of zinc citrate.


    • Quercetin LipoMicel Matrix, with 250 mg per liquid softgel, delivered in a unique, patent-pending and clinically tested technology that increases absorption up to 10x compared to regular quercetin.


When you purchase the vitamin Immunity Startup Kit, you can rest assured you’ve got all the elements you need to support your immune health gathered together in one convenient package, just like that first aid kit you were so smart to purchase. Get one for yourself, and one for your loved one this holiday season.

If you bought each bottle separately it would cost far more. Get the best deal in this vitamin immunity kit.


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