Fish Oil – There’s Nothing Fishy About It!

When it comes to high-quality fish oil, there is nothing fishy about it! The science behind fish oils, specifically omega-3 fatty acids, is vast. A diet high in omega 3s supports eye, brain, and heart health. However, eating enough fish to get the recommended amount can be quite tricky. Thus, most people rely on a supplement. When it comes to supplements, there are important key points to look for when selecting the right one: how much of the most beneficial fatty acids are in it, where it is coming from, and what the process is to make it. There are many options out there regarding fish oil, but it is important to know what sets them all apart.


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Dr. Formulated Fish Oils for Everyone

No matter what we are putting in our body, whether it be food or a supplement, we want to know that it is of the highest quality. Additionally, we want to know that a high level of quality is maintained from the raw ingredients all the way through to the finished product. The Garden of Life Dr. Formulated Fish Oil line does just that and much more. Continue reading to see how this line fits all of the key criteria for an exceptional product. Options include Alaskan Cod Liver Oil, Advanced Omega for brain and heart health, DHA 1000 mg, and two types of Prenatal DHA (one is vegan DHA).


What’s In It?

The most important omega 3s are DHA and EPA. The two are known to support optimal brain, eye, heart, and immune system health. Additionally, their brain-boosting benefits may help with attention, behavior and promote a healthy mood. Lastly, you will find DPA, which is a long-chain omega 3. This fatty acid is special because it can convert to either DHA or EPA, depending on our specific needs. What’s more, our blood can store twice as much DPA in our blood than its fatty acid counterparts.

Wait, there’s more! (More nutrients, that is.) When the oil derives from whole natural fish, as these fish oil products do, you get so much more from it. One of these benefits is a new class of lipids called specialized pro-resolving mediators (SPMs). Those SPMs support normal inflammatory response in the body. While SPMs are found in all of the Dr. Formulated Omega 3 products, cod liver oil is the best source of this compound, plus naturally occurring vitamins A and D.


Where Does It Come From?

Fish Oil Traceability and Sustainability

It is good to look for a brand that is transparent about where and how they get their raw materials. All fish oils and algal oils in the Dr. Formulated line are fully traceable and sustainably-sourced. They are also free of contaminants and toxins. For instance, the tuna is sourced from mercury-free waters.

Additionally, they are all certified by either the Marine Stewardship Council or the Friend of the Sea for sustainability. Not only does it have those reputable designations, but it’s also the first line of fish oil ever to be verified from the Non-GMO Project. In fact, the omission of GMOs is so important that the supply chain gets routine audits to assure there are never any GMOs.

Undoubtedly it’s terrific to see companies have good environmental practices when sourcing their product. What makes a company stand out is its commitment to initiatives that make the world a better place. Garden of Life donates 1% of all Dr. Formulated Omegas to the 1% Ocean Fund. Subsequently, those funds go to either The Ocean Clean Up, Oceana, or the Surfrider Foundation. Without quality oceans for fish and algae to thrive in, a quality omega product is not possible.

Prenatal Omega from Fish or Algae

A fish oil supplement is beneficial to anyone in any phase of life, but particularly they are beneficial to pregnant women. Research shows that DHA specifically is crucial for the growth and functional development of babies and small children. Moreover, when it comes to valuable omega 3s, vegans need them too. That’s why there are both the Prenatal DHA and Prenatal DHA Vegan soft gels. They are specially formulated from traceable and sustainably-sourced algal oil (from algae) and still contain all the goodness like DHA, along with DPA and SPMs without any animal products.


How Do They Make It?

Purity is Key

When it comes to supplements, purity is of the utmost importance. If fish oil is not processed carefully to limit the exposure of the fish to oxygen, oxidation can occur, and thus there is a potential for the oil to go rancid. That is very bad. When looking for top-notch fish oil, careful processing, proper temperature regulation, and minimal exposure to external elements is key. It is important when building consumer trust to know the supplement has been processed thoughtfully.


How Does It Work?

For omegas to be of the most use to the human body, they must be in their natural triglyceride form. In the completely unrefined state, there can be a low concentration of those valuable omega 3s. On the other hand, over-refining, as many brands do, causes the oils to go into an ethyl ester form, making for poor absorption in the body. The good news? There is a way to get the best of both worlds! Dr. Formulated fish oils are refined just enough to get the most robust levels of omega 3s. Then, a unique process converts them back to the triglyceride form. The triglyceride form of fish and algal oil binds the DHA, EPA, and DPA to glycerin, which is necessary for the nutrients to absorb adequately.

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