Force of Nature Regenerative Meats

Here’s a company founded in the principles of regenerative agriculture. Devoted land stewards, ranchers, and farmers from around the world are the folks behind Force of Nature regenerative meat agriculture, creating a positive return on the planet. Featuring ground wild-caught feral boar, pasture-raised grass-fed elk, and pastured grass-fed venison. Moreover, 100% grass-fed Ancestral Blend Ground Beef is available, too. Its a blend of grass-fed beef with organ meats: beef, beef liver and beef heart. Organ meat lovers, rejoice!

Force of Nature purpose:

“Join us in the regenerative revolution and vote for a system that has the power to reverse climate change, create wildlife habitat, build soil, and heal our bodies.”



grass fed ground beef blend with organ meat liver and heart

Ground Beef Ancestral Blend

Begin with the Ground Beef Ancestral Blend of grass-fed beef combined with organ meats; namely, beef liver and heart. This rich blend will wake up each meal like never before. Gives new meaning to the term “whole food”. Taste natural beef as our forefathers’, forefathers’, fore-fathers ate it! And foremothers, too.

Juicy, beefy ancestral blend resounds with hunter/gatherer goodness. Surely, Paleo Diet adherents will want to indulge on the real deal. Get this meaty protein for all your ground beef recipes.


Not Bored with Feral Boar

free range wild boarConservation-focused, Texas ground wild-caught boar 85/15 lean/fat ratio provides 24 grams of protein per 4-ounces. Antibiotics have nothing to do with these free-ranging wild hogs. What’s more, they’re hormone-free. Needless to say, “ractopamine” is not a part of their diet. In fact, the heritage breed slow-growing pigs eat grasses, roots, bugs, and seeds they discover while rooting around at their leisure. Certified Humane, Non-GMO Project Verified, and Land to Market Verified. Feral swine is leaner in composition and more flavorful than farmed pork.

Clearly, this may be the most flavorful solution to environmental degradation in the state of Texas! Surprisingly, invasive free-ranging animals cause over $2.5 billion dollars in annual damage, yet they yield a harvest of flavorful wild-caught feral boar meat. With numbers at around 5 million, these feral pigs represent the last species of truly wild land animals harvested to feed a growing human population. Makes sense, huh! Sourced from local landowners, farmers and ranchers, who trap the pigs.


Wild Game and All That ‘Elk’

Happily, regenerative meat agriculture strikes again. This is wild meat worth ruminating about: ruminants! Through fertilization, soil aeration, and the stimulation of plants, large herds of grass-grazing elk were the original architects of North America’s most fertile lands. Grassland ecosystems were designed to be grazed responsibly and managed appropriately to produce food for real people. elk meat

Hunters – hunt no further. A four-ounce serving of grass-fed, ground elk provides 25 grams of lean protein. Paleo shoppers rejoice! Grass-fed ground elk is a great introduction to natural red meat produced without subtherapeutic antibiotics. At last, game meat that is grass-finished as well as grass-fed! Shop farm-raised grass-fed elk sourced from multiple family farms in New Zealand. Found in 1-lb packages 97% elk with the rest grass-fed beef.


Venison You Want, Deer?

Force of Nature makes enjoying nature’s diverse bounty more accessible for the modern consumer and its right in the pan! Prepare wild grass-fed venison meat as you would any other lean red meat protein and enjoy one of mother nature’s best-kept secrets. Grass-fed, grass-finished, pasture-raised.

This grass-fed venison meat is hormone-free and contains no antibiotics. Get farm-raised venison sourced from multiple family farms in New Zealand or wild-caught in Texas hill country. Twenty-six grams of flavorful 90/10 lean/fat protein comes in each 4-oz serving. Shop 1-lb packages venison containing 3% grass-fed beef.


pasture raised grass fed venison

Regenerative Meat Agriculture

To clarify, all Force of Nature animals thrive in environments that encourage the expression of their natural behaviors. Consequently, they consume the diets they were biologically engineered and evolved to eat. Nature figured this one out a long time ago and it is our responsibility to allow these animals to behave like animals.

Choose regenerative meat agriculture methods for your family. Regenerate the planet, regenerate yourself!







New – Bacon Bison Patties!

We don’t have to tell you how good everything tastes when its made with bacon. Experience lean bison burgers with the uncured bacon built right in.

By combining the nourishing properties of lean grass-fed bison with the flavorful and moist nature of bacon, these pre-made burger patties are conveniently ready for you to toss onto a hot grill or skillet and quickly prepare a meal you will never forget.

grass fed bison patties





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