Guide to Clean Affordable CBD Oil

Green thumbs, love, and attention to detail fill each bottle of Fountain of Health’s hemp extract CBD oil products. If you like things that go into your body to be “fresh from the soil” and as minimally processed as possible, then Fountain of Health products were designed for you! Finally, your guide to clean, affordable Fountain of Health

CBD oil is in your hands. A little mountain town in Colorado produces clean, solvent-free, and minimally processed hemp extracts for health and wellbeing.


Pure Process, Clean CBD

Impossible to overstate, everything starts with the finest quality, high CBD hemp. Cannabis is carefully cultivated at Colorado’s high altitude to ensure the flowers are seed-free and exposed to the highest intensity of sunlight possible. This yields extremely resinous plants that are dripping in plant-based “medicine”. Additionally, traditional breeding methods ensure the plants produce abundant quantities of CBD and other healthful cannabinoids.


CBD Oil unflavored and mango

Undesirable Methods Not Utilized

In contrast, other companies use hemp from low CBD yielding cultivars often planted for textile harvest. Extraction, in these cases, occurs via chemicals such as CO2 or alcohol, extremely high pressure, or under long duration. Heavily extracted hemp produces far more than desirable outcomes. That is to say, alcohol is added to the crude to winterize the oil (get the undesirable stuff out). Lamentably, remnants of leftover alcohol may remain in the final oil product. Largely, this is because alcohol is a liquid at atmospheric pressure. Fountain of Health is really NOT into all of that! Capeesh?

Indeed, in an age of full transparency, the results of lab testing can be found easily. Certificates of analysis reveal the hemp extract’s purity and levels of cannabinoids. Fountain of Health CBD appears with CBN, CBG, CBC and more as found in nature. Note that psychoactive THC measures below .3% according to law. The products will not make you “high”.


Clean and Solvent-Free

How are these hemp extracts different? Hemp flowers, gently extracted with CO2 at low pressure and short durations are employed. This offers us an amazing crude oil that does not need any winterization. At regular atmosphere pressure, CO2 is a gas, right? Clearly, no alcohol was used anywhere in the process. Therefore, your bottle of CBD has zero chance of solvents appearing. At last, the search for clean, 100% solvent-free hemp products has arrived. Then, non-GMO MCT oil is blended with the miraculous extract. A bit of Tropical Mango natural flavor is added to the flavored variety. Otherwise, choose Unflavored. Find 500 mg, 1000 mg, or 2000 mg strength in liquid dropper bottles at affordable prices. Whole plant hemp, vegetarian, and alcohol-free. Often, newcomers to hemp start with the low dosage and gradually increase until their personal optimal level is achieved.


Pain Salve

Hemp Pain Salve is chock full of amazing ingredients that, when blended with our CBD extract, make for an incredible topical. Old herbal standards are selected such as Arnica, Lavender, Rosemary and Eucalyptus that have been utilized for many moons. Compounds like these work even better when mixed with our full spectrum extract. Folks suffering from occasional joint pain, back pain, bruising, etc. will find pains and swelling disappear remarkably quick. Pain Relief effects are dramatic and quick. Natural healing at its best with clean CBD.

Submitted by Chris Trad, Cannabis (Hemp) Farmer, and Co-Owner


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