Gummy Vitamins for Adults and Kids

Gummy supplements are more popular than ever, and it’s easy to see why. A chewy gummy vitamin presents an enticing option for most folks, and especially youngsters. But gummies aren’t just for kids anymore. Today, kids and adults alike can enjoy deliciously nutritious gummies as a colorful alternative to traditional vitamins.

To maximize effectiveness, supplements should be taken on a regular basis. But sticking with a routine of taking a pill, or multiple pills, day after day can be difficult. This is where gummies have a big advantage over traditional vitamins. By packing essential nutrients into tasty bites that are fun to eat, gummies make it easier for many people to remember to take their daily supplements, and to even look forward to it.


Gummies Have Grown Up – Adult Gummy Vitamins

With their fun shapes and rainbow colors, it isn’t surprising that the first gummy vitamins were made for kids. But gummies have grown up. Thanks to advances in both manufacturing and ingredient research, there are now many gummies formulated specifically for adults. Multivitamins and vitamin C were some of the first nutrients to go gummy. Today, Nordic Naturals offers a growing selection of foundational nutrients in gummy form, including:

  • vitamin D3
  • probiotics
  • melatonin
  • curcumin
  • Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)
  • Omega 3

Now folks of virtually all ages, and with varying nutritional needs, can indulge their inner child with gummy supplements.

gummies supplements: omega 3, probiotics, melatonin

Gummy supplements are tasty ways to help fill common nutritional gaps and support optimal health across a range of different lifestyles and dietary habits. Nordic Naturals’ wide assortment of gummy products deliver key nutrients in every chewy bite, whether you’re looking for gummies to promote overall wellness, or if you’re interested in more specific needs. While gummies featuring CoQ10, vitamin D3, probiotics, melatonin, or Omega 3 all have unique benefits, all these nutrients also play supporting roles in promoting overall immune system health.

Ironically, gummy supplements that are designed to be easy to take aren’t particularly easy to make. You can’t simply pack a standard gummy bear with vitamins. Industrial candy-making equipment isn’t designed to handle ingredients delicately enough to protect fragile nutrients from degradation during the manufacturing process. Extreme temperature fluctuations, variations in acidity, and other factors that are normal in traditional candy making can wreak havoc on nutrients, resulting in gummies with lackluster nutritional value. Precise planning is required to balance multiple factors when producing a gummy that combines great taste, pleasant texture, and a meaningful amount of beneficial nutrients. That’s why Nordic Naturals uses our own customized facility to craft gummy supplements in small-scale batches. Our specialized equipment allows us to optimize key stages of the production process with a high level of precision to consistently produce gummies that balance taste, texture, and meaningful amounts of nutrients in every bite.

With so many options available, it’s important to know what to look for when choosing a gummy supplement. Those bright colors and tasty flavors are certainly enticing, but beware of gummies that include unhealthy artificial colorings and flavorings—many do. Instead, opt for gummies with natural flavors and colors. And if you don’t find genetically modified foods appealing, consider seeking out non-GMO gummies.

Vitamins and supplements can help just about everybody get the nutrients they need, but there’s no reason those supplements should all look or taste the same. Next time you stock up on supplements for your household, consider gummies as a fun, nutritious alternative. The kid in you deserves it.


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