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Viruses. They are at the top of everyone’s mind. Who could have predicted how much one virus could change the entire world. Yet if we look at their biological effects, how afraid should we be? First, viruses are part of the vast microbiome, both human and planetary, that we often refer to only in the context of good bacteria. Scientists guess that 10,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 viruses live on planet earth. So why do we have one running through our population with such detrimental effects and what can we do about it? ION Biome formula can help support gut immunity with a protective barrier. Help connect your gut cells tight.

First, as a population, we have to understand that viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites all have important places and functions within our bodies. There is a delicately balanced ecosystem in all of us. Viruses deliver genetic information, providing updates if you will, to our genome. The way that our immune systems deal with that information is where we can find trouble.

So why do we see such a varied response in immune function? Antibiotic usage both in prescription and animal food production, massive amounts of chemical additives in foods, stress, diet choices, and loss of touch with nature all have huge impacts on the health of our microbiome.

ION microbiome supplement for gut and immunity

Two Benefits of the Soil-Based Formula

  1. That’s where ION Biome (formerly known as Restore) can be a valuable tool for the balance of the microbiome. Note that the mineral supplement does not add additional strains of bacteria to the body. The product is simply a communication tool or signaling molecule made by mother nature herself and derived from ancient soil, to help deliver balance to the microbiome. A balanced microbiome is a key factor in a healthy immune response. It works beyond just good bacteria.
  2. Another function is its ability to strengthen the gut membrane, your protective barrier that prevents those foreign invaders from crossing into your bloodstream. Improve gut strength naturally.

Glyphosate, the active ingredient in certain farming chemicals, degrades those protective barriers. Equip your microbiome with the tools to fortify those barriers when we can’t control our glyphosate exposure by eating 100% organic foods.


The main ingredient, Terrahydrite®, came to be when the compound was proven to be non-toxic yet protective against glyphosate (the weed-killer that makes its way into our food and then our bloodstreams). Tests showed it restored our “tight cell junction” integrity.

As an additional protective barrier, consider adding ION Sinus Spray as the gut membrane starts in the sinuses! Build sinus lining naturally.

What else can you do? Think larger! Until we can co-create with nature and bring balance back to the overall ecosystem, we will continue to see our innate ability for healing continue to fail.  Visit our non-profit for ways to help farmers reduce chemicals in food production.


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