Gut Health=Brain Health

Gut Health in the Face of Gluten and Glyphosate

Growing bodies of science now reveal the relationship of microbes to brain function. Specifically, the loss of bacterial diversity leads to an increase in neurologic function disorders, short term memory loss, and brain fog. The evidence is in. Gut health = brain health. Restore™ is a liquid dietary supplement that increases the integrity of the gut membrane. Uniquely, the product provides the signaling system the body requires in the face of both gluten and glyphosate. Read on to learn how all of this connects.

Evidentally, the gut provides 90% of the body’s serotonin and 50% of the body’s dopamine production. However, the neuroendocrine cells require the right types of bacteria to be present to be effective in making these natural feel-good hormones.

Brain health, digestion, absorption immune function, detoxification, protein synthesis and more owe their success to bacterial diversity. However, our bodies are lacking. Why?

restore for gluten and glyphosate

Hazards – Antibiotics and Glyphosate

  • 8 out of 10 people in the US today are prescribed antibiotics every year. One course of antibiotics can kill off 75% of your entire microbiome. Depending on diet and lifestyle, a person may never return to baseline.
  • 30 million pounds of antibiotics are used in meat, poultry, and pork industries, ultimately ending up on our dinner plates.
  • Glyphosate, the active ingredient in a popular weed killer, is sprayed in quantities topping 300 million pounds per year in the US. It was originally patented as an antibiotic. The most ubiquitous chemical on the planet is on our commercially grown wheat, soy, corn, sugar beets, cotton, legumes and beans, oats and fruits and vegetables and GMO crops.
  • Glyphosate now tests positive in 75% of both rain and air samples in the southern USA as it’s a water-soluble compound. Humans are 70% water.  So is planet Earth.

Every bite of food, every drink of water, and every breath of air, puts our microbiome under attack. Regrettably, brain health pays the price.


Restore Microbe Balance

Cue Restore™, a scientific breakthrough for gut health. Restore simply provides a foundation for the communication networks of the microbiome. Our gut regains natural balance — bacteria, fungi, parasites, and viruses, all working together like a coral reef, complete with its own checks and balances system.

Bacteria, sourced from US soil, manufacture a family of molecules, namely Restore. The molecules provide a signaling system for your microbiome, like text messages for microbes. Pharmaceutical grade toxicity testing reveals by the way, that the supplement is completely non-toxic. Indeed, gut membrane integrity stands its ground in the face of gluten and glyphosate, which are known digestive irritants. This is due largely to the profound benefits of the signaling system. The gut membrane is our protective barrier to keep toxins out of the blood. A similar membrane structure comprises the blood-brain barrier.

While Restore is here to protect us against glyphosate, for now, ultimately, we need to work together to end chemical spraying of foods. Please consider the support of organic foods for the health of your families and to send a clear message to food producers that we want clean food, water, and air.

Profits Go Here

Restore directs 100% of the profits to the effort of cleaning up food. Please help us as we work to revert 5,000,000 acres of chemically farmed land to regenerative agriculture by 2025 through our nonprofit, Farmer’s Footprint. The health of our children depends on it.


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