Hardworking Hearts Love Omega-3s

Day after day, one beat at a time, the heart works hard. After all, it’s the center of the body’s circulatory system. Beating approximately 115,000 times every day, it supplies the entire body with blood, oxygen, and nutrients. That’s a big deal and a lot of responsibility for a single organ. However, with the right support, a healthy heart can surely step up to the challenge. Every cell within the heart relies on the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. These omega-3s are necessary for the heart to stay healthy, function well, and absorb nutrients effectively. And there are a number of studies to back this up. Research has demonstrated how these vital omega-3s promote healthy triglyceride levels, heart rhythm, heart rate, and overall cardiovascular health. Supplements like Ultimate Omega™—the #1 fish oil in the U.S.— will help to make sure you are getting proper amounts of omega-3s for optimal heart health.


Omega-3s for Heart Health


Are You Getting Enough Omega-3s?

With so many heart-healthy benefits, it’s easy to see that omega-3s are indeed vital nutrients. Unfortunately, most people are not getting nearly enough. Part of the problem is that the human body can’t produce EPA and DHA on its own. Instead, people must rely on dietary sources like fatty cold-water fish and fish oil supplements to get these super important omega-3 fatty acids. While consuming fatty fish is one way of obtaining EPA and DHA, it can be difficult to eat enough of the right kinds of fish on a regular basis to meet the body’s needs.


For A Healthy Heart: The More Omega-3s, The Better

Over the years, scientific research has repeatedly linked omega-3s with overall heart health. Healthy blood pressure, functional arteries, and normal cholesterol are all benefits. In fact, there is more scientific evidence behind the cardiovascular benefits of omega-3 fish oil than any other nutritional supplement. What’s more, the latest science suggests that when it comes to supporting a healthy heart with a daily serving of omega-3s, more is better. Much better.

But how much more? The quality of your diet will let you know. It directly influences how much omega-3 nutrients you need to stay healthy. Unfortunately, most Americans have diets that are very high in omega-6 fats and low in omega-3s. Health experts often recommend that adults get a minimum of 500 mg EPA and DHA daily. However, a recently published study provides a comprehensive analysis suggesting that even higher daily intakes can significantly benefit heart health. The in-depth review of 40 clinical trials provides clear evidence for consuming gram-level EPA and DHA. Doing so helps raise an individual’s omega-3 index, the measurement of EPA and DHA in the blood, to “cardioprotective” levels. Good stuff!

Furthermore, the study indicates that a daily serving of 2000 mg EPA and DHA can help individuals achieve a desirable omega-3 index in a relatively short period of time. Research suggests that this imbalanced intake of essential fatty acids is a contributing factor to many health concerns. Specifically, it contributes to those that affect cardiovascular health. In line with this evidence, Nordic Naturals’ extensive line of Ultimate Omega products, fits these exact criteria. It is designed to provide effective daily EPA and DHA that is needed to help achieve an optimal omega-3 index and restore a balance of healthy fats in the body.


Love Your Heart

Every person has one heart that keeps them going, day in, day out. Since we have just this one, we have to make sure we do all we can to love our hearts. Every hardworking heart deserves serious nutritional support from pure, fresh, and effective omega-3 formulas. When caring for something as important as optimal heart health, don’t settle for anything less than award-winning, Ultimate Omega.


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