Healthy Supplements: You Can Lose Weight

“If you choose to use only one supplement, PGX is the most important.”

~ Dr. Mark Hyman states in his book, Eat Fat, Get Thin


The weight loss field of 2018 is crowded with empty promises. PGX® is completely different. Why? PGX is a natural supplement backed by world-class research published in the world’s most reputable and respected scientific journals. The research clearly shows that PGX will enable you to achieve and maintain your weight loss goals. You can lose weight!


How Do You Lose Weight with PGX Supplements?

PGX stands for PolyGlycopleX® and is a unique water-soluble, plant-based fiber complex made from three organic sources: konjac root known as glucomannan, xanthan gum, and sodium alginate. Together, they form a one-of-a-kind super fiber. When taken with water, PGX thickens and expands into a gel-like substance that creates volume and viscosity in your stomach and gastrointestinal tract. This reduces the impact of meals on your blood sugar levels and increases satiety (the feeling of fullness). In this way, you control your appetite, naturally.

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Control Blood Sugar and Lose Weight

Whether you’re looking to lose weight, support healthy blood sugar control*, or stay full between meals, PGX® Daily is the perfect fit. In addition to promoting satiety, PGX can also lower the glycemic index of foods. And, if you’re looking to add some extra fiber to your diet, PGX is a tremendous source of soluble fiber.

PGX lowers the glycemic index of foods by optimizing the rate of digestion and decreasing the rate at which sugars are released into the bloodstream.

*supports healthy blood sugar already within the normal range


More Fullness with “Super” Fiber

It truly is a “super” fiber as it possesses an unparalleled ability as a viscous fiber. Its health benefits exceed all other dietary fibers. The viscosity of PGX is 10 to 75 times greater than other sources of dietary fiber. What that translates to is that PGX produces better results in reducing hunger or appetite and promoting a sense of fullness.


People who struggle with their weight must make changes that they can live with for the rest of their lives. By adding PGX to every meal during periods when you need to reduce your weight, you are able to cut back on portion sizes while feeling fuller and supporting healthy blood sugar levels already within the normal range after your meals. Once you have reached your weight loss goal, all you need to do is add small amounts of PGX to one or more meals a day. Then you will maintain your weight loss goals for the rest of your life. PGX is not just a diet. It is a tool to an enjoyable and sustainable way of life.


How to Get Started with PGX

PGX weight loss supplements come in a variety of formats, from softgels to granules, so you can try out different forms of PGX and learn what works best for you and your lifestyle! If you’re experiencing occasional indigestion discomfort such as gas and bloating, try SlimStyles® PGX® Ultra Matrix Plus®. The formula contains an herbal blend that soothes the gastrointestinal tract and helps promote digestion. Take PGX for a minimum of 12 weeks to start seeing benefits. Soon you will see a decrease in appetite and cravings.  Drink plenty of water. Of course, you can stop at any time.

Combine PGX with healthy eating and regular exercise. Bring home fresh healthy food.


The 3 fibers that compose PGX act as prebiotic food or fuel for the naturally occurring friendly bacteria that live in your digestive tract. The bacteria are known as “probiotics”. You want to feed them soluble fiber to cultivate a healthy gut environment. Beyond weight loss and healthy blood sugar support, PGX prebiotic fiber helps with digestion and gut health, mineral absorption, and cholesterol.

 Whether you’re having a big meal or just a snack, eating at home, or on the run, there’s a PGX product that’s right for you!


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