High Protein Diet for Weight Loss

Finding the right protein-carb-fats balance for you and your personal stature involves a bit of thought. It might even require a little struggle. Not enough protein deprives muscles, brainpower, and energy for the tasks of the day. On the other hand, too much protein and you feel sluggish and a bit bloated — especially if you’re sedentary. A rich variety of food fuels high protein diet protein powder with the colors of good nutrition. To top that, protein for weight loss, if needed, makes meals fun and exciting. It’s the protein in food that gives you a pleasant sensation of feeling full and content.

Consider the following important sources of protein when contemplating your high-protein diet and exercise plan. There are plenty more protein options out there. You know what they are: meat, dairy, and seafood whether you eat them or not. Now commit to increasing your protein from natural plant-based sources. The amino acid profile and colors of a varied diet offer health benefits you know not of. Are you getting protein? Is it varied and colorful?

high protein for weight loss

Sources of Protein

  • Seeds

A sprinkle of seeds on your salad or in your granola adds delightful crunch and nutrition. Sunflower, sesame, pumpkin, chia, and flax seeds offer versatility in recipes and broad health benefits. They’re packaged with healthy fats built right into the seeds.

  • Grains

Wholesome grains such as brown rice, amaranth, buckwheat, millet, and quinoa each have their own nutritional profile. However, they have something important in common: protein. These combine with other types of foods to provide top-quality protein fueling your activities.

  • Legumes

Plants provide good quality protein. Consuming a variety ensures amino acid combinations from each type that the body uses best. Peas, garbanzo beans, and adzuki beans are legumes you may not have considered for your bean pot. You’ll get healthful fiber, too, when soaked and cooked or even when retrieved from a can.

  • Chlorella

Organic cracked wall chlorella is an edible algae rich in protein for each itty bitty measure. The rich green color indicates plenty of chlorophyll, too, which offers plenty of its own benefits.


Organic Protein Powder

The inclusion of the above-named foods leads directly to Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein powder. Vegans and non-vegans all love a cold protein shake made with pure unprocessed foods. In fact, this protein powder contains all of the above foods in condensed form only better: they’re sprouted and organic! Put sprouted seeds, grains, legumes, and chlorella into your protein shake with a shake of the scoop.

The plant-based formula is made without the use of any dairy or soy ingredients and is completely organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free. One level scoop’s serving provides 22 grams of high-quality protein, zero sugar, with only 110 calories when mixed with water. Expand your menu with raw protein powder containing colorful plant-based foods.

How does it taste? Each flavor is thoroughly delicious. Vanilla is Springfield’s top seller.


Weight Loss Protein Powder

Raw Organic Fit features the exact same high protein blend in a nutritional shake only this time it’s configured for weight loss. This shake, too, satisfies yet helps out with key inclusions targeting burning fat, satisfying hunger, building muscle, and fighting off cravings.

Fit weight loss blend includes raw organic Svetol® (naturally decaf green coffee bean extract) and ashwagandha, for stress. Green coffee beans are unroasted beans retaining natural green coloring that roasting would ordinarily change to brown. Additionally, they also retain innate chlorogenic acid that may be the key to coffee’s weight-loss attributes.

Being raw is everything and both protein powder shakes are raw for maximum benefits. No scorched veggies here! Each serving provides 28 grams of protein, 8 grams of fiber, less than a gram of sugar, all in 170 calories. Take that to the gym with you and incorporate it into your new lifestyle plan to lose weight. Burn fat, fight cravings, satisfy hunger, and build muscle.

Probiotics and enzymes accompany both protein formulas for easy digestion.

Healthy, varied foods are important for your high-protein diet. Include raw, organic protein shakes to enhance your diet and exercise program to help lose weight and support lean muscle. A variety of delicious flavors are available like popular vanilla and chocolate. Mix with almond or non-dairy milk or just plain water.

Meal Replacer

Be sure to check out the organic meal replacer protein powder: Raw Organic Meal. In addition to sprouted raw protein, it also has what you need to replace a meal and still feel satisfied. This includes a good amount of fiber and lots of fruits and vegetables. Lastly, it includes greens, healthy fat, fiber, probiotics, enzymes, plus 21 vitamins and minerals. When you’re too busy to make a healthy meal, an alternative idea is to have a meal replacement protein shake. Get chocolate, vanilla chai, or vanilla meal replacer to keep in the cupboard for when you have no time!

Your high-protein diet could include organic protein powder featured this month!


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