Holistic Approach to Optimal Health and Wellness with Mercola

Congratulations to Martindale’s as they celebrate their 150th anniversary!

At Mercola, we are passionate about formulating products using a holistic approach for optimal health and wellness. Our mission is to change the health paradigm and help people take control of their health with prevention through informed decisions. Additionally, we strive to provide a safe online resource for people to find the highest quality, premium products that meet stringent criteria for transparency and purity of ingredients.


Tyler Arboretum prize for Martindale's 150th anniversary


Educate, Motivate People to be Healthy

Mercola’s origins trace back to a private wellness clinic in Schaumburg, IL, where Dr. Mercola treated more than 20,000 patients between 1985 and 2013. Wanting to reach a wider audience to educate and motivate individuals to take control of their health, he launched the mercola.com website in 1997.

Today, his daily newsletter and information archives continue to be a premier and trusted source of natural health information.

Clean, NonGMO Products

At times, challenged to find quality supplements to meet his high standards based on the most current research, Dr. Mercola, along with his research and development team, created his personal line of premium supplements and lifestyle products. Guaranteed to be made only from clean, non-GMO ingredients, his products are continuously upgraded and tested for contamination, potency and performance.

Consider Dr. Mercola’s instruction on Liposomal Vitamin C.

Lots of  Savings

Mercola is helping Martindale’s celebrate its 150th anniversary this year! To commemorate this milestone, we’re offering savings on all Dr. Mercola supplements during the month of April when you buy them at Martindale’s.

Gift Certificate to Tyler Arboretum and Gift Basket

In addition, we’re offering all Martindale’s customers a chance to win a beautiful gift basket full of Dr. Mercola products, and a gift certificate to Tyler Arboretum. Visit the store and talk to a Martindale’s associate on how you can enter for a chance to win! No purchase is necessary to enter. Starts April 2nd at noon. Learn more here.


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