How Do You Do CBD? It Matters

CBD is still all the rage, and for good reason! Lots of people are taking Fountain of Health CBD products and getting lots of relief for lots of different things. So, maybe you are asking yourself if it matters what you take, or even how you take it. The answer is obviously YES it matters, but you already knew that.

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Oils vs Topicals

Let’s talk oils vs topicals – Do topical CBD products really help? Yes! Because they are applied to a specific area, they can begin to help very quickly – like putting Fountain of Health CBD Muscle Salve-vation on a sore muscle, or Cool Aid CBD Roll-On on that sore shoulder from your vax shot! But for longer-lasting relief, CBD oil taken sublingually is the key. The oil can help you attain that even level of CBD in your body that can lead to healing!


Which Fountain of Health CBD Potency is Best?

What about the different potencies? Does one work for one condition better than another? Actually, NO, the different potencies are not for different ailments. One is just more concentrated than the other, which helps when you are taking larger serving sizes. But remember, more is not always better. Starting slow and low will help you find your sweet spot, and keep you from wasting your precious CBD oil.


What to Look for in CBD

Since you can obviously take CBD in many ways, what are the constants that you should always see in your CBD product? The most important facets of your CBD should be:

  • full spectrum – least processed, and closer to the plant
  • solvent-less extraction – we don’t want chemicals when we are trying to heal the body
  • free of artificial ingredients – we still don’t want those chemicals
  • be fully third-party tested for heavy metals, pesticides, solvents, microbials, and mycotoxins

Potency and terpene profile tests are important too! And on every single batch. And available to everyone. True transparency!

Another point to consider when choosing your CBD is how close to the plant the company actually is. Do they farm hemp? Processed with their own lab? Or are they simply buying a prepackaged CBD product and slapping their pretty label on it? High up in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, CBD farming, extraction and formulation occur in our lab, just around the mountain. Our connection to this healing plant is why we do this and keeps our products as close to the plant as possible.

From Farm to Shelf, Fountain of Health CBD wants to help you Come Get Well.

by Lauren Trad, Founder/Co-Owner of Fountain of Health


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