Immunity Supplements – Together is Better

At this time of year, we all have one thing on our minds: the immune system! Immunity supplements are also on our minds.

“I heard that vitamin C is good…. oh, and zinc too!”

“Wait…wasn’t there news about vitamin D3 recently?”

“Also, probiotics are supposed to be good for immune health. And apparently, elderberry is the go-to for immune support!”

There are so many different immune-boosting items that it can be a hard choice to pick just one… or 5 in this case. Also, how do you know how effective each ingredient is? Is it better to have co-ingredients to boost the results? Ask yourself, wouldn’t it be so much easier if there was an award-winning formula full of all the necessary ingredients in therapeutic doses based on scientific research to get your immune system right where it needs to be? Fortunately, there is!

elderberry and immune supplements

Clinical Immunity by LifeSeasons is a lineup of four wonderful products that take all the thinking out of what is good for your immune system. The product line includes Quick-Start, Daily Boost, Elderberry Gummies and Elderberry Drink sachets; each formulation includes a 65:1 ratio of elderberry delivering just the right amount of punch your immune system needs to keep in shape.

Load Up with 10-Day Immune Boost

If you are looking for a little more intensive immune boost, Quick-Start features clinically backed doses of Pureway C, Natramune, and EpiCor. These are all proven to activate the body’s major immune cells to get them prepared for any battle that comes their way. Once taken, Quick-Start activates an immune response in just 2 hours.


Maintain Nutritional Immune Support

Once this 10-day regimen has been completed, move on to the Daily Boost formula to keep your immune system active and prepared for anything. Clearly, you can always switch back to the first immunity supplement when needed.


Not a Pill Taker – Elderberry Drink Packs and Gummies

Not a pill taker? Not a problem! Clinical Immunity Elderberry Gummies and Drink mix packs have therapeutic doses of vitamin D3, C, elderberry, and zinc. Taken daily, they can keep your immune response ready for any invader coming it’s way.

You may have gotten the idea that high doses of vitamin D3, vitamin C, or zinc alone are enough to keep your immune system in shape. It looks like individual ingredients alone may not be the best approach. The featured ingredients in Clinical Immunity Quick-Start were all tested individually to see what the immune response was. Taken individually, each ingredient had a small impact on the immune system. Taken together as a formula in Clinical Immunity Quick-Start, the immune response was far more effective! Goes to show that a more complete protocol can provide more complete results.

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