Indigo Rose Cherry Tomatoes

Indigo rose, my indigo rose, where art thou sweet indigo rose?

Author: Anonymous


Indigo rose tomaotes are high in antioxidant-rich anthocyanins.


If the phrase, ‘indigo rose’ seems vaguely familiar, you can understand why. In the first place, it easily rolls off your tongue. It reminds you of a song or a poem. You’re not quite sure. Similarly, local indigo rose cherry tomatoes remind you of their familiar cherry relatives. They’re round and have hints of burnished red. However, unlike their blushing cousins, indigo rose tomatoes sport a deep purple color at the crown or in spots – anywhere the sun hits them.

However, their differences go beyond the readily apparent.

A relative newbie member of the Solanacea or nightshade family, indigo rose debuted in 2011. Bred in the United States for its high antioxidant content, indigo rose is the first improved tomato in the world to contain anthocyanins. Research suggests that anthocyanin supports a healthy inflammation response, promotes healing and slows aging.

Indigo rose tomatoes have a peppery, smoky fragrance. Bite into one and taste the burst of juicy, luscious sweetness. Enjoy them raw in salads and fresh salsas or roast them and add them to pasta or your favorite side dish. Notably, pair these versatile gems with lemons and limes, olive oil, vinaigrettes, milky cheeses, nuts, cilantro, poultry and fresh fish and shrimp.

Pick up a bagful next time you shop at Martindale’s. Who knows, maybe you’ll be inspired to write about this lovely tomato, too!

Indigo Rose Cherry Tomatoes: $6.79/pound