Integrated Support for Urinary Tract and Digestive Health

Two things we certainly never want to be without are urinary health and a healthy digestive tract. They both work in perfect harmony to naturally eliminate the not-so-good stuff from our bodies. However, doing so with discomfort and pain is never a good time. Fortunately, there are some great natural supplements you can take that can make this natural elimination process a walk in the park. Let’s talk about cranberry and probiotics!


natural support for urinary tract and digestive health with solgar cranflora and probi


Urinary Tract Health Starts with Cranberries

Cranberry supplements can be used to help sustain a healthy urinary tract. A unique cranberry supplement combined with probiotics and vitamin C supports immune system health, too. Balance your lower abdominal bacteria profile naturally. Let’s see how a unique cranberry supplement promotes urinary tract health.

Bacteria Balance with Cranberry+

New Jersey cranberry bogs start to burst into blossom in mid-May, yielding the tart fruit later in the season. Studies show two key compounds found in cranberries are fructose (or D-mannose), and proanthocyanins. Together they promote a urinary tract slip-and-slide. Nutrients found in cranberry extract bond with unwelcome bacteria “suckers” and get carried away when you urinate. Make sure you drink plenty of water to further assist your urinary tract health.

Keep in mind the goal is to support your immune health and friendly bacteria balance. Unhealthy bacteria can stray from the intestines and fecal matter. These bacteria have hair-like fimbriae that protrude and produce adhesins. Furthermore, these may attach to receptor cells in the urinary tract. Imagine bacteria with “suckers” coating the urinary wall which consequently cause irritation and inflammation. For this very reason, probiotics are blended with the cranberry extract supplement.

Risk Factors

Urinary tract health is important for everyone, but the likelihood of urinary tract problems increases as we age. This is true no matter if we’re female or male, although women are 50X more likely to experience UT issues than a man. Declining estrogen levels, such as during menopause, increase the risk of urinary tract issues in aging women. A swollen prostate can increase the risk in aging men. Once you get UT issues, then you’re more likely to get more later. This is because the unfriendly bacteria could burrow deep in sensitive tissues.


CranFlora for urinary tract health

Unique Cranberry Supplement Support

Now that you know how important urinary tract health is, what can help you to achieve it? A good quality cranberry concentrate, like Solgar CranFlora capsules, can help support a happy, healthy urinary tract that resists invaders and supports bacterial balance. It does this with 3 important ingredients:


  • Cranberries help remove unwanted compounds from the urinary tract. This is how waste products get cleansed from the body. The cran supplement contains enough cranberry to be equivalent to 40,000 mg (40 g) of fresh cranberries—without the calories of juice! Leave it to nature’s cranberry fruit for support and relief. Download our cranberry supplement informational flyer to learn more.


  • Probiotic L. acidophilus is found in fermented foods and in the gastrointestinal tract. This is where a large percentage of the body’s immune system is located. L. acidophilus supports normal, friendly immune function. These are the good kind of bacteria! Think Dudley Do Right riding in to save the day!

Vitamin C

  • Vitamin C plays an important role in supporting immune function. Ester-C® is a buffered, non-acidic vitamin C. Choose easy-to-digest Ester-C when you’re sensitive to acidity. The patented, naturally-occurring vitamin C metabolites help increase the absorption and bioavailability of this essential nutrient. C also supports healthy inflammation processes. Your white blood cells will love it. Another win for your immunity.


Digestive Health Starts with Probiotics

Remember our good bacteria friends from the CranFlora blend? Well, probiotics are here to help your digestive tract too! Digestive issues are enough to ruin anyone’s day, but having digestive troubles on a regular basis is even worse. Gas and bloating we’re looking at you!

Probiotics for Digestive Tract Health

Probiotics delivered in the right strain, in the right place, in the right dosage can help populate your system with positive beneficial microflora. Those microflorae make all the difference in reducing those random, unexpected intestinal disruptions that can affect how you live day-to-day. Adding in a probiotic supplement to your daily supplements can make feeling well much easier.


Integrated Bowel Support

Solgar Probi is unique, in that it contains just one clinically-supported strain of probiotic, Lactobacillus Plantarum LP299V™ (and plenty of it). Another good bacteria ready to ride into battle to fight all the bad guys, but this time, going right for our intestines! The studied probiotic provides integrated bowel support to not only address occasional gas and bloating due to digestive distress, but to support your daily abdominal comfort.

What’s more, the probiotics get exactly to where they need to be, when they need to be there. Probi is formulated so the good bacteria that needs to make it to the intestinal tract can survive the harsh, acidic environment that is our stomachs.



The Power of CranFlora and Probi Together

Proper elimination of waste and toxins from our body help keep us in tip-top shape. Thus, overall health improves. As mentioned before, the root of our immune system lies within our gastrointestinal tract. The happier the microbiome in our gut, the better our health may be.

How can we support the urinary and digestive tracts naturally? CranFlora is one dietary supplement containing three very key ingredients that support both. On the other hand, Probi contains one probiotic, billions strong, of beneficial microflora ready to go to work for your digestion. Both capsules are non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free and appropriate for vegans.


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