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It’s that time of year! It is even more imperative during the fall and winter months to proactively support your health and immune system. It may seem overwhelming to consider the many things that can reduce immunity, but it helps to look at how the immune system works. Significantly, the human immune system is a fascinating, complex mixture of cells, tissues, and organs all designed to do one thing: keep you healthy! Include echinacea and oil of oregano herbal products for immune system support this season.

echinacea and oregano

Take Action for Wellness

Your diet and lifestyle help fuel your immune system to keep it operating at peak capacity. Here are suggestions for supporting your immune system all year long:

  1. Eat health-supporting, antioxidant-rich foods like fruits and vegetables and reduce sugar intake. Refined sugar consumption depresses the number and activity of the body’s white blood cells.
  2. Hydrate – keeping mucous membranes moist supports immune health.
  3. Get adequate sleep – this, in particular, is critical to general health and immunity.
  4. Be physically active – exercise can increase the number and function of immune cells, such as natural killer (NK) cells, neutrophils, and macrophages.
  5. Effectively manage stress – stress weakens the body’s ability to respond to invaders.
  6. Regularly wash your hands – no special antimicrobial cleansers needed, just plenty of plain ol’ soap and warm water.
  7. Consider taking high-quality herbal dietary supplements.


Echinacea and Oregano Herbals

Dietary supplements are just that — supplements to help support a healthy diet and lifestyle. When it comes to immune system support, there are many high-quality dietary supplements to consider, but two key herbs stand out: echinacea and oregano.



Clinically proven Echinamide® is a triple standardized, organically grown echinacea (from Factors Farms!). It uses a special patented process to produce this proprietary extract. Two Natural Factors products feature Echinamide:

  • Anti-V Formula synergistically combines Echinamide organic echinacea with these other herbals:
    • lomatium
    • astragalus
    • reishi mushroom
    • licorice extracts

Most assuredly, the combination provides powerful immune support! This formula is the byproduct of 15 years of research and millions invested in human clinical trials. Anti-V tincture is available in convenient liquid drops.

  • Echinamide Quick-Blast is a liquid-gel soft chew that combines unique Echinamide echinacea with eucalyptus, peppermint, and lemon in a base of honey to provide a soothing, tasty, instant minty blast for healthy sinuses.



Oregano (Origanum vulgare) is renowned for its powerful immune-supporting properties. Notably, these Oil of Oregano products feature wild-crafted, hand-picked, certified organic Mediterranean oregano. Once picked, gentle steam distillation is used to ensure potency providing Carvacrol 80% and purity. The oregano is then blended with organic, cold-pressed, extra-virgin olive oil to optimize absorption. Oil of Oregano is available in convenient liquid and softgel forms. Take your pick!


When it comes to immune system support, Natural Factors provides you with several great options. This season, give your immune system the support it needs with Echinamide Quick-Blast, Anti-V Formula, and Oil of Oregano from Natural Factors!


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