Keto Shakes and Fuel for 2019 Goals

Ready, set, go! With that motto you’d think all you need to do is grit your teeth and it will happen in 2019: weight loss, energy, and focus. However, it’s not that simple. Blood sugar crashes in waves, energy lags, and our minds grow fuzzy. The keto diet offers a plan to adjust the timing and ratio of your eating to achieve your goals. New keto weight loss shakes and other keto supplements are here just in time to kick off the New Year. They aren’t magic. Nonetheless, they might just be the miracle on 42nd St. you need to finish well as you commit to good eating choices. Gotta love that these keto diet supplements are both Keto Certified AND Paleo Friendly Certified.


Keto for Health, Weight, and Energy

Dr. Formulated Keto is designed to help you in your search for the ideal weight for you. They support energy levels with good nutrition while providing the convenience of thoughtful design. Certainly, each is crafted to help you enter ketosis or pursue a low carb diet for weight loss. With these in hand, an active lifestyle, and thoughtful diet choices you will gradually make the changes you’ve hoped for. Realistically, not everyone will choose keto. But for some, hope becomes reality and you’ll feel and look better. Keto food pyramids abound and not all of them are the same. Prioritize healthy fats, protein, and the right vegetables. Be sure to check out these new keto products.

keto shakes

Purity Standards

The big picture is this: each product is Keto Certified, Paleo Friendly Certified, Non-GMO Project Verified, NSF Gluten Free, and Truly Grass Fed. To be Keto Certified, all products must not contain more than 10% carbohydrate content. Truly Grass Fed 95% grass fed dairy is free of rBST, rBGH, and antibiotics and comes from clean cows that romp freely mostly in the fields of Ireland.

Keto Shakes for Smoothies and Baking

Keto Meal Balanced Shake Meal Replacement

VERY convenient meal replacer shake for your Keto diet plan or low carb diet.

  • No math, just mix: Keto balanced weight loss shake—70% Fat, 23% Protein, 7% Carbs
  • 70% Fat from Organic Grass Fed Butter with CLA & MCT
  • Chocolate or Vanilla
  • Probiotics

Keto Fit Weight Loss Shake

Helps you lose weight while on a Ketogenic diet. Add to smoothies and shakes or bake with it. Tastes delicious!

  • Burns fat and fights cravings
  • Truly Grass Fed Whey Protein Isolate
  • No math, just mix: Keto balanced weight loss shake—70% Fat, 20% Protein, 10% Carbs (Approximation based on calories)
  • Clinically studied ingredients Organic Ashwagandha, Svetol® & Coffeeberry®
  • Probiotics


Fast Keto Fat and Fuel for Body and Brain

Keto Organic MCT Powder

Coconut oil Medium Chain Triglycerides are transformed into energy.

  • Certified USDA Organic
  • Certified vegan
  • Organic Acacia prebiotic fiber and Probiotics
  • Mixes easily, shelf stable & great for on the go, traveling, or at the gym

Keto Butter Powder

Convenient pure butter powder for on the go. Shelf stable. Add to coffee, tea, shakes, or cook with it. Fuel your mind and body naturally.

  • Certified USDA Organic and Grass Fed
  • Delicious, creamy, and mixes easily
  • Probiotics
  • No rBST, rBGH or antibiotics
  • Naturally occurring CLA, MCT and vitamin A


It’s time to get started. Ready, Set, Go!


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