The Little Gummies with Big Beet Power

Bountiful Beets

Beets are eaten raw, cooked, or pickled. They are also juiced or powdered. Now you can get your beet supplement in a bite-size beet gummy. One option helps your hair, skin, and nails; the other gummy supports heart health. A bowl of borscht a day may keep the doctor away, but there’s an easier method. Choose from two different types of convenient beet supplements; regular or beauty.

Beets are one of nature’s nutritional powerhouses. These beautiful vegetables are packed with beneficial compounds such as antioxidants, folates, and polyphenols. They also contain many other essential vitamins and minerals.

chewable beet gummies for heart health, energy, or beauty

Performance Enhancing Vegetables

The signature ruby red color of beets comes from betalain, a powerful antioxidant and one that supports a healthy inflammation response. Betalain is also shown to help inhibit lipid peroxidation, a chain reaction in the fats of the body that can cause cell damage.

Moreover, beets are rich in nitrates, organic compounds shown to raise the body’s production of nitric oxide. Your body produces Nitric Oxide, or NO, naturally. One of NO’s main jobs is signaling your blood vessels to relax. This helps them dilate, or become wider. Your blood pressure loves this and makes oxygen more available to your muscles. As a result, this can boost your energy, endurance, and athletic performance.

Nitric Oxide is crucial to the health of your circulatory system. Eating beets is a great way to ensure you’re getting enough NO.

Garden of Life heart health and energizing Beet Gummies are a great way to add more beets to your diet. They are made with organic beet concentrate, organic tart cherry, and blackcurrant. Plant-based vitamins, such as D3 and B12, add a nutritional boost. Finally, real raspberries give each gummy a yummy kick of flavor.

Whether you’re an athlete, a busy professional, or someone looking for a little pick-me-up, chewable beet supplements are there to energize your day and they taste good, too.


Easy, Breezy, Beetiful – Hair, Skin & Nails

Beets are great for managing blood vessel health and increasing energy and stamina. Would you believe they’re also great for your skin and the visible effects of aging? It’s beets for beauty in a delicious gummy you can chew every day.

The nutrients and antioxidants contained in beets help fight signs of aging, especially when combined with other great ingredients in this natural chewy. Ruby red beauty gummies contain an organic polyphenol blend, which includes 500 mg of organic beetroot concentrate per serving and supports a soft and youthful-looking complexion. Blackcurrant, apple, lemon, and acerola purees add an additional nutrient boost. 2,500 mcg of fermented non-GMO biotin encourages healthy hair growth, for longer, stronger locks. Clinically-studied bamboo silica helps your hair, skin, and nails stay strong and healthy through the stresses of daily life. Moreover, the beauties include plant-derived B and C vitamins, plus fruit and berry extracts for added micronutrients.

Harness the power of natural, whole foods for your beauty regimen. Certified organic Beets Beauty gummies are made to bring out the best in you which totally works only if they taste good – and they do! Support younger-looking skin, stronger nails, and healthy, flowing hair – with your fav red root!


Environmentally Friendly, Ethically Sound

Both beet gummy options are made with all-natural, traceable, USDA-Organic whole foods. They are non-GMO verified, certified gluten-free, kosher, and 100% vegan, so you can feel good about the things that make you feel good. Likewise, the beet powder.

All Garden of Life products use a certified carbon-free supply chain. The whole company has gone completely carbon-neutral!





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