Local Grass Fed Beef, Quality Chicken & Meats

It’s like night and day. The texture, flavor, nutrition, and soul of humanely-raised and local meat can make all the difference for your family. Doesn’t meat taste far better when you know where it comes from? You know that only humane living circumstances keep the animals healthy and well. You know hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, and other nasty chemicals aren’t used. Additionally, you know that your dinner came from nutritionally superior grass-fed livestock. Beef, chicken, and pork raised this way are profoundly different than what you’re used to.

And the perks? Flavor! Texture! Safety! Find unique cuts that aren’t typically mass merchandised. Get the best quality and listen to your family’s swoons as they chow down. Not all varieties come in “organic”, but rest assured, they’re all as natural as can be.

Pennsylvania farmers in the Lancaster area worked the land with integrity and now you share in the harvest. Your purchase helps support your local farmer and encourages the local economy. Whenever possible, choose local beef and local chicken.


antibiotic free beef burgerShop for top quality hormone and antibiotic-free, nitrite-free, nitrate-free, grass-fed beef, humanely raised by local Pennsylvania and Amish farmers. While not all are organic, our suppliers provide meat processed consistent with organic style. This is the best quality, natural, gourmet artisan beef available. All of our beef is grass-fed and grass-finished. The cows don’t eat grain. Most fresh meat is fresh-frozen right after arrival at Martindale’s, but you’ll find a few cuts in the refrigerated section. Pick up some fresh meat for tonight’s dinner!

Switch from standard commercial meat to local, grass-raised meat sources! The quality, taste, and texture of free-range, pastured natural beef will win you over. Choose local beef whenever you can.

Eat Wild explains the health benefits of grass-fed.

Eat Wild graphs


Beef Cuts

Our top-selling grass-fed ground beef and hamburger beef patties are a standard 85/15 in fat content. Don’t worry, leaner beef is sold here, too. Additionally, other cuts include ribeye, N.Y. strip, sirloin steak or even grass-fed beef bones (make broth). If you don’t see it, ask us as we may be able to special order it for you.

Swiss Villa Farms

Choose grass-fed beef from Swiss Villa Farms family farm label. Find local, grass-fed, antibiotic-free, and hormone-free beef.  Swiss Villa upholds clean standards as described but is not certified organic. Pennsylvania-produced, farm-raised beef products are moist and rich in flavor for your family’s table. Buy humanely raised, ethical beef and beef cuts of all types from this small farm operation right here in store. Find ground beef, grass-fed beef livers, and more.

Make Martindale’s your favorite store for buying all cuts of local, free-range, grass-fed pastured meats.



We offer pasture-raised, all-natural chicken from: Farmer Focus and Canter Hill Farms.

Farmer Focus naturally and ethically raised local chicken for sale

The chickens are fed a USDA Organic, Non-GMO verified, vegetarian blend of corn and soybean meal. All of the chickens are free-range and certified Halal. Shenandoah Valley Organic (SVO) Farm Focus never injects their chickens or eggs with antibiotics, before or after hatching. Not local to our area, though locally farmed in VA.

Farmer Focus is a collaboration of local farmers in the state of Virginia. Every Farmer Focus product is organic, Certified Humane, and traceable to the farmer where it was grown. Whether you choose bone-in or boneless, you’re still getting the most natural, tender, flavorful chicken.

SVO Farmer Focus believes in full transparency. Organic, free-range chicken livers come from family farms you can trace. Real live farmers work these farms like their families depend on it! Ethical practices are the gold standard for clean chicken livers, tenderloins, thighs, and all your preferred cuts.

Canter Hill Farms

Canter Hill Farm local chicken are pasture-raised 100% free of any chemicals or sprays. Shop for boneless, skinless chicken breasts, chicken thighs, or ground chicken from nearby Malvern, PA. Also, find chicken wings with 8 – 12 wings per pack, and chicken livers.

In addition to being chemical-free, Canter Hill grazing land is re-planted every other year to manage soil compression, erosion and to preserve forage diversity. Canter Hill’s chickens are fed organic soy-free feed to supplement their pasture grazing.

Local, organic chicken livers from Canter Hill Farm are available for clean gourmet quality.


Local Chicken Feet Bones

Looking for natural chicken feet? Find locally produced chicken’s feet in store. Poultry roam free without hormones or antibiotics. Chicken feet bones are good to make a bone broth for soup.



Find dark or light ground turkey produced humanely without any nitrates, hormones, stimulants, or antibiotics by Koch’s. Alternately, get free-range, organic whole turkeys.

Canter Hill Farm’s pasture-raised heritage breed ground turkey is locally produced right in the area nearby.



Local producer Canter Hill Farm provides high-quality Heritage pork right from Malvern, PA! Shop local pork chops, natural bacon, and pork shoulder roast in store.


Garrett Valley Ham and Kielbasa

The comfort, health, and safety of their animals is a top priority for Garrett Valley Farms of NJ. We’re offering all-natural Smoked Polska Kielbasa: gluten-free, humanely raised, antibiotic-free, and 36% less sodium. Also, look for wholesome bacon from this farm.



Find local chicken, turkey and pork sausages in the freezer from Canter Hill Farm.


Buy natural and organic, artisan local meat: beef, chicken, turkey, sausages, and pork at Martindale’s! With glee, peer into the frozen or refrigerated section and treat your family to the most natural meats available while appealing to the most particular gourmet tastes.