Local News: Dutch Meadows Dairy Farm

As you travel down Mine Road in the Gap, Pennsylvania area of Lancaster County, turn south on to 694 Country Lane (now Paradise PA) and you will soon see our Dutch Meadows Dairy Farm. First you will see our swimming pond, our chickens grazing in the meadow, and our Dutch Belt Cows grazing in one of our lush green pastures. Our ninety-four acre PCO certified dairy farm is surrounded by our extended Stoltzfus family and our PA Dutch community.


Dutch Meadows Dairy


Dutch Meadows organic dairy farm is a calm and comfortable setting for our Heritage Dutch Belt Cows. We feed them grass all year long, no grain, no GMO, no soy products, and treat them in a humane manner. Not many people have these cows and they are special in so many ways. We have so many now that it is hard to name them all. We all have our dreams and plans on how we are going to expand the heard even more and how we will get other farmers to help raise them in other organic grass pastures. That’s the best way to raise cows.


My father and brothers pretty much tend to the cows while my sisters are busy in other aspects of Amish life. There are ten of us children and mom keeps everything together for us. She and Dad are special. Dad had the forethought to purchase these cows years ago. He knew back then that the milk was sweeter and that it was easier to digest because it is the A2-type casein protein. Also, we all learned that the fat globules in their milk are said to be extremely small which is reported to make these dairy products “naturally homogenized.”


Many people now understand what dad understood years ago, that these special cows out grazing on different wild grasses get lots of nutrients that many other cows do not get. He also had the foresight not to use chemicals or hormones or antibiotics around them and foresight to certify both the dairy and the farm. Our Dutch Belt Dairy Products are 100% grass-fed, Certified Organic, and wholesome. Try them!


Our cows, our farm and our dairy are inspected and tested on a regular basis and our Pennsylvania raw milk license is renewed annually. We meet and exceed all written standards. Enjoy our Dutch Belt Dairy products from Martindale’s Natural Market.


We have sold certified organic raw milk for years, straight from the farm and in Martindale’s. Additionally, seasonally available Creamline Eggnog goes down easy and is 100% grass-fed, pasteurized, and non-homogenized. Free-range brown eggs come right from our farms and are pastured, gmo-free, and soy-free. Get them in the fresh egg case and know they came from just down the road in Paradise, PA. While not technically dairy as they come from chickens, these eggs are part of our delicious, local farm offerings.


Dave Stoltzfus, Dairy Manager at Dutch Meadows Farm
with Alvin & Elizabeth, Raymond, Alvin Jr, Solomon, Miriam, Fannie, Becky, Nathaniel, Henry, Ida, Martha