Local News: Fresh Wild Flour Bakery at Martindale’s

Wildflour Bakery breadCome smell our bread! Wake up your senses through your naso. It will bring back a world of good memories of happy times around the table. Move beyond and make your own.

Wild Flour Bakery fresh bread is now at Martindale’s!

What are you hankering for? Do you want serious table bread made with King Arthur Special Spring Patent Organic Flour? Then try Hearth Baguette or Mini Baguettes around the table with a summer salad.

Sliced Bread

Consider the humble Yards Multigrain Bread! Wildflour Bakery has partnered with Yards Brewery to create this amazing sliced bread. The dough is made with a 9-grain blend consisting of durum wheat, flax seeds, hard wheat, soft wheat, triticale, rye, oats, pearled barley and spelt. The dough also receives an incredible yeasty flavor from the addition of Yards Extra Strong Ale (ESA). The result is an extremely versatile, lightly crusty roll with a slightly bitter beer flavor that is balanced by the nuttiness of the whole grains. You can make an amazing sandwich starting from the foundation. Also try Yards Mini Round Rolls. You can’t find this in your supermarket.

Sandwich Rolls

Wildflour Bakery CiabattaOr consider the Plain Ciabatta Sandwich rolls. Vegan, the ingredients waft elegance and simplicity: King Arthur Spring Patent Flour, sour starter, yeast, olive oil, water, salt. Get the panini cookin’!

Wildflour Bakery American GrainLoaves

Unique-r than all: American Grain Batard! Wildflour has personally developed bread with an American pizazz. The crusty sourdough is made with corn, quinoa, wild rice, and pecans to evoke regional character. It’s baked right on the hearthstone decks for a pleasing snap-back when you sink your teeth in. Grrr! Feeling indulgent? Smell again as cinnamon calls to you from the Cinnamon Raisin Pullman Loaf. Just the right amount of raisins, too.


And dessert? Try fresh, bakery-made Oatmeal Raisin or Chocolate Chip Cookies created with reeeeaal ingredients.

Shop Wild Flour Bakery fresh bread at Martindale’s! Delivered um, fresh.