Local News: Fresh Wild Flour Bakery at Martindale’s

Wildflour Bakery breadCome smell our bread! Wake up your senses through your naso. It will bring back a world of good memories of happy times around the table. Move beyond and make your own. Wild Flour Bakery fresh bread is at Martindale’s!


soft knot rollsWhat are you hankering for?


Fresh Local Bread

How about freshly made Sour Dough (Ingredients: King Arthur Special Spring Patent Flour, sour starter, yeast, water, fine sea salt)? Does that little ‘twang’ do it for ya?

Also, consider Wild Flour’s Honey Wheat and Multi-Grain bread delivered right to Martindale’s every week. Let your senses take in the aroma, the textures, and the flavor of real, natural ingredients. They’re made just the way you would if you had the time and baker’s secret knowledge.

Dinner time rolls taste much better fresh. Consider the Soft Knot Rolls.

vegan apple bread



Fresh Baked Sweets

Admit it. You crave healthy sweets now and then. Stop by for freshly baked yummies like Vegan Apple Bread (Ingredients: All-Purpose Flour, apples, brown sugar, white sugar, apple cider vinegar, soy milk, soybean oil, vanilla, cinnamon, allspice, fine sea salt, baking soda, and baking powder).

While your salivating you may as well drool over Vegan Banana Bread, Zucchini Bread, Chocolate Chip Cookies and more. Satisfy the sweet tooth with fresh baked goods from your local Philadelphia bakery, Wild Flour.

Delivered, um, fresh! Buy fresh, buy local.