Local: Paleo Foods for the Kids

The American dream is to get BIG. But over the past few years, I’ve resized the BIG dream for a smaller one. I know that seems un-American, nobody wants to get small. Hello, I’m Steve from Steve’s PaleoGoods.

paleo diet snacks

The dream started when I was working as an exterminator in Camden. I met a pack of kids living in this urban war zone who weren’t eating right or exercising. I invited them to work out with me in a local park. Before long, I had a pack of kids I trained with equipment stuffed in the trunk of my car.


Kids Should Eat Better

After hearing about their lunch options, I packaged homemade beef jerky, nuts, and berries for them to eat at school. I wasn’t trying to start a business, I just wanted the kids to eat better. That lunch combo ended up being my first product: The PaleoKit.


PaleoKit: Meat Sticks, Grainless Granola, Protein Bars, Dried Fruit, Dressings, and Snacks

Fast forward a decade. My workout group has gone nationwide with 30 Local Clubs in the Steve’s Club National Program. The PaleoKit has turned into 50 products including meat sticks, grainless granola, protein bars, dried fruit, dressings, and snacks. Several of Steve’s PaleoGoods products are sold in-store.


Donate 15% to the Kids

We sell our products nationally and still donate 15% of our proceeds to the kids. Even though the business has grown, my big dream is to stay true to my small beginnings.

When machines replace people, process replaces quality and taste changes dramatically. My office is 50 feet from the kitchen, and I taste each batch of PaleoGoods to ensure excellence. The people that work with me see me every day, maybe too much if you ask them! I know their children and enjoy their friendship.


Clean Small Batches

My team will remain dedicated to making products with clean ingredients in small batches. I refuse to compromise hand-made quality for bottom line quantity. Our driving force will always be kids like the ones I met in that apartment complex years ago.


Staying small also means that every day at 4 pm I coach young athletes. I can do that because of loyal customers who routinely purchase PaleoGoods. I realize you want deliciously clean products, and in turn, I want you to realize the effect your purchase makes in the lives of youth-at-risk in your local area.

Thank you for supporting Steve’s PaleoGoods in our effort to make a measurable difference while staying true to small dreams. I promise that we won’t ever get too big.