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Nucleus Foods House Chips

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Nucleus Raw Foods was established organically in a garage in 2013. As word traveled around, owner Dan McGrogan found a store front and silently opened his doors to passerbys. Nucleus was known as northeastern Pennsylvania’s best kept secret due to the lack of signage and word of mouth marketing strategy.


The secret is out and we are ready to expand our raw, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free and organic products to health food stores like Martindale’s. We use the highest quality ingredients and dehydrate at gentle temperatures that preserve all of the nutrients. We currently offer seven dehydrated products and a selection of two cookies.


Our Breads


Our carrot flavored House Bread is made with five whole ingredients and shows simplicity may be best. The Salsa Bread is a spicy blend of tomatoes, red bell and jalapeño peppers, cilantro, buckwheat groats and flax seeds. Eaten plain or paired with your favorite spread, it’s the perfect amount of heat. Those with a sweet tooth will be satisfied by our Banana Bread. A hint of cinnamon and vanilla is the perfect addition to this new style of bread. Try spreading your favorite nut butter. We promise a smile will follow.

nucleus raw food

Our Kale Chips


Chips? Kale? Yes! We found the perfect balance of a crispy chip and nutrient dense green, kale. These one of a kind kale chips are dehydrated at 115 F to preserve necessary enzymes. The house chips are oh so cheesy but dairy free. The BBQ Kale Chips are tossed in Nucleus’ unique raw vegan BBQ sauce. Our guilt-free sauce has a spicy but sweet flavor and satisfies all chip cravings.


Now introducing, Cheese


Cheese, please! We have formulated a cashew cheese that is currently exclusive to Martindale’s. This is a gourmet, on-the-go or stay at home cheese. Designed with mothers, fathers, busy professionals, campers, backpackers, and cheese lovers in mind. Our powdered recipe requires only 1 Tablespoon of water to ¼ C Nucleus Cheese Mix.


It’s that simple. Leave the hard work to us.


We are grateful for you.


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