Make Whey for More Protein

Making sure you get enough protein every day is important, whether you’re training for a triathlon or simply running from one everyday task to the next. When life gets especially busy, protein supplements and powders can help increase protein levels quickly and conveniently. But finding one that tastes great while meeting all of your nutritional and environmental standards can be a challenge. Matcha Tea Whey Protein


Look for a Lean, Clean Protein


There are a dizzying number of choices when it comes to protein sources — soy protein, egg protein, pea protein, hemp protein, and the list goes on. How do you choose the one that’s right for you?


Whey protein is an excellent choice for just about everyone. Country Life’s Biochem® Whey Protein has been a pioneer crafting pure whey protein for over 15 years and continues to be the #1 in whey proteins today. Here are some convincing reasons to choose whey:


  • Derived from cow’s milk as a by-product of the cheese-making process, whey is a complete protein. That means it provides all 9 essential amino acids that your body can’t make on its own: histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and valine.
  • Studies show that whey protein is effective for supporting lean muscle.  Optimizing an adequate protein intake is a goal for many of us because it helps us achieve a healthy body.
  • Whey protein is absorbed quickly and easily, delivering the fuel you need to do the things you love, from pushing through extra miles on the running trail to shuttling your kids to all their after school activities.
  • Whey protein isolate is the best choice because it delivers maximum protein (90%), dissolves easily, and contains less fat, carbs and lactose than whey protein concentrate. BioChem 100% Whey is undenatured by using a cold process, chemical-free micro-filtration/ultra-filtration method that removes most of the unwanted lactose, cholesterol, and unwanted fat, creating a pure whey protein isolate… and it’s Certified Gluten Free and soy free!


Vanilla Whey ProteinA Happy Moo = A Healthy You


“Grass-fed” is a term that’s making its way onto a growing number of restaurant menus, milk cartons and even pet food packages. BioChem® ensures its protein is the highest quality, by sourcing clean, pure whey protein from grass-fed cows, and using only non-GMO ingredients.

Reasons why grass-fed is better:


  • Grass-fed cows roam freely in pastures and are not treated with hormones or antibiotics so they grow naturally; they are healthy, and presumably happier. All of this adds up to healthy, nutritious beef and dairy.
  • Conventional dairy farmers typically don’t have fields where they can spread the waste. Instead, they use large giant vats to contain and process all the methane gas that concentrated piles of animal waste produce, which then is released into the atmosphere.
  • A 2011 study by USDA scientists found that foraging cows produced milk with far more fat and protein than confined cows.  There are differing opinions about the benefits of a full-fat vs. a low-fat diet, however most would agree that dairy with a higher fat content has better, more satisfying taste and “mouthfeel.”

Cocoa Coconut Whey Protein

It’s Whey Simple!


Incorporating whey protein into your daily routine is easy. BioChem®’s extensive line of high-quality protein powders mix easily into any number of delicious combinations. Add protein power to a number of delicious recipes or simply mix it into a smooth and creamy post-workout shake, or add it to your morning oatmeal.


BioChem®’s whey protein isolate is sourced and made in the USA and results in a great tasting whey protein that supports your exercise recovery, weight management goals, or simply helps you reach your needed protein intake level to give you the energy you need for your active life. Sourcing local ingredients ensures that our ingredients are fresher. A Harvard Medical School analysis concluded that farmers producing for a local and direct market are more likely to prioritize taste and nutritional quality over durability when making varietal decisions.


Tried and True or NEW Sugar Free Protein


Whey protein is a great protein option for full body benefits and helps to sustain your energy. Try Natural, Vanilla, and Chocolate Whey Protein powder. Or get something new: AWARD WINNING Sugar Free Matcha Green Tea Whey Protein or Cocoa Coconut Whey Protein. Yum!


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