Manitoba Harvest: Hemp for a Nutritional Boost

So, what makes Hemp Hearts so super? Here are a few reasons!

  • They’re packed with 10 grams of plant-based protein per serving. As a result, they’re perfect for sprinkling on any meal for an added boost of protein.
  • Hemp Hearts have 12 grams of omegas 3 and 6 per serving, making them a tasty way to get in those healthy fats.
  • They have a delicious nutty taste, like a sunflower seed or pine nut, and their flavor goes great with any food, making them super versatile!
  • Plus, if that wasn’t enough, Hemp Hearts also contain magnesium, fiber, iron, zinc, phosphorous, and more!

You can make your yogurt super by stirring in Hemp Hearts, give your smoothie a super boost by blending in Hemp Hearts, or even make a super salad by sprinkling Hemp Hearts on top.

Gift Basket and blender for Martindale's anniversary

About Manitoba Harvest

Manitoba Harvest has been in the hemp game for more than 20 years. A certified B-Corporation, they’re the largest manufacturer to make and sell their own line of delicious hemp food products. Moreover, all of their products are Non-GMO Project Verified.

Besides Hemp Hearts, Manitoba Harvest also offers a variety of other hemp food products, including Hemp Yeah! Plant Protein Blends, Hemp Oil, and Hemp Protein Powders.

We offer our sincere congratulations to Martindale’s Natural Market for 150 years of providing superior natural foods and products to their community!


To commemorate Martindale’s milestone, Manitoba Harvest is offering big savings off its full line of products sold at Martindale’s in April.

Blender and Gift Basket

In addition, we’re giving away a Cuisinart hand blender and gift basket of full of Manitoba Harvest products to one lucky winner. Visit the store often to enter for a chance to win! No purchase is necessary and the Giveaway opens April 2nd at noon.


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