Mellow Melons: Yellow Doll, Sugar Baby and Canary

We can thank the people of ancient tropical and sub-tropical Africa for cultivating what has become a sweet summer staple: mouth-watering watermelons. Thanks to our local farmers, you have your choice of fresh, organic watermelons in multiple colors and sizes right into early autumn! High in Vitamins A, C, B1 and B6, watermelons are also an excellent source of fiber. Store unripe, whole melon at room temperature until ripened, then refrigerate it for up to five days uncut and three days in a container. Get your choice of fresh, local organic watermelons.


Variety of Watermelons in Nature

Yellow Doll Watermelons

You’ll sing “Yellow Dolly!” when you bite into this juicy yellow doll watermelon. These sweet melons are the masters of disguise, impersonating their red counterparts with the same striped green rind. However, cut open the yellow doll and you’re treated to a golden expanse of a much sweeter fruit with bursts of honey and apricot.

While the yellow doll lacks the lycopene of its red cousin, it does have traces of beta-carotene. Use yellow doll interchangeably with red watermelon in your favorite recipes. Add the juice to smoothies and refreshing sparkling drinks with a mint sprig. You can also cube it and add it to salads with arugula, feta cheese, toasted pumpkin seeds and finished with a light vinaigrette.

Yellow Doll Watermelon: $1.29/pound


Sugar Baby Watermelons

What’s in a name? When it comes to sugar baby watermelons, the name says it all. They’re super-sweet, round and perfect for small families. Also called “icebox” watermelons, sugar babies fit neatly into your refrigerator, thus the name. Enjoy these sweet cuties just like their larger counterparts – fresh off the rind, cut into soups, salads and sorbets or even grilled or pickled. This local, organic baby has the classic melon flavor… and more!

Sugar Baby Watermelon:  $.99/pound


Canary Melons

You may think canary melons originated from the Canary Islands – seems logical, but no, they originally hailed from ancient Persia. Canary melons, named for their intense yellow color, are a muskmelon known for their smooth skin and neutral aroma. Also known as Spanish melon, Juan canary and Amarillo, their key advantage over other summer melons is that they last far longer off the vine.

Canary melons have a mellow sweetness yet slightly tart flavor that complements citrus fruits and sweeter melons. Herbs such as spearmint, basil, cilantro, rosemary and hot chiles enhance their flavor even more. Add cut-up cubes to salads, granitas and sorbets.

Canary Melons: $1.29/pound


Now is the season you’ve been waiting for. Get local organic watermelons in season.

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